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There are a number of great Internet marketing training programs on the Web for the serious aspiring students of Internet and affiliate marketing. There are also a great number of others which range from good, to fair, to poor to outright awful in quality and value. We begin with a basic overview of what smart people stay away from in their selection of this lucrative education. We will then use Wealthy Affiliate University as an example and contrast, completing the spectrum here.

Overview of What Smart People Watch Out for in Internet Marketing Training

Very briefly, an Internet marketing training program must be up-to-date. Methods that worked yesterday may not work today. The Internet marketing training program must offer more than one selection of training methods and not just limited to one. It must have a well-structured support system and one-on-one coaching and mentoring. The Internet marketing training membership must also have available online tools and supports for keyword research, article development and web development.

Many Internet marketing training programs do have these features and are highly beneficial. Any that do not offer some or all of these would warrant smart people a program to pass them by. Bad programs yield poor results, are expensive and the prospective student would literally be left in the dark. Many such programs lack support, inter-member and expert support. Some programs do deliver the goods – but it would be, “Here you go…good luck!” In other cases you might walk into a “me-too” program created by someone who has attempted to copy more reputable Internet marketing training entities and have thrown up their own for quick profits. Though it’s great incentive on their part, it’s a poor investment on yours.

Wealthy Affiliate University Vs Other Internet Marketing Training

I have chosen Wealthy Affiliate University because it is, in my opinion and that of multitudes, to be one of the best, most complete Internet marketing training programs available on the Web today!

Let’s Look at the Selection of Training Methods

Poor Internet marketing training programs often lack in selection of training methods available to their membership. The self-paced training modules at Wealthy Affiliate University are vast and come in all popular mediums.

The Program also features a special module for new Members the Program. Known as the Action Plan, a semi-structured and time-released series of lessons new members are encouraged to start here and branch out The training resources at Wealthy Affiliate University are vast and new members often get lost trying to get around. The Action Plan serves as a gateway.
Wealthy Affiliate University has added an innovative option for Members to its Internet marketing training arsenal – the WA Clubs. These free structured courses are for Members who are ready for the utmost challenge of working through a series of fast-paced lessons designed to help get campaigns up and running in a 30-day period.
Wealthy Affiliate University also has self-based accredited courses in PPC and article marketing/seo. These are the only courses that come with an added cost though highly worth it!

A Great Model for Multiple Support Systems!

Poor Internet marketing training programs often lack in support systems. Wealthy Affiliate University has not one, but several highly developed support systems in place. These are:
One-on-one support from the founders, Kyle & Carson themselves
Support Support Team for Wealthy Affiliate University Member having technical and other problems that arise
Expert Members who have volunteered their expertise to help struggling members
The Wealthy Affiliate University Membership itself. Members are encouraged to network with one another
The famous Wealthy Affiliate University Forums. This platform is well used for help, education and socializing
Wealthy Affiliate University’s WA Spaces. Every Member gets their own space to publish a Blog. Often these invoke member support where needed
Wealthy Affiliate University’s brand new innovation – the All-New WA Clubs…are a prime example of one-on-one instruction and support.

There are many more features and found at Wealthy Affiliate University, including a huge array of tools for every aspect of campaign development and monetization. These include everything students in a Internet marketing training program would need, tools for article marketing, website development, keyword research, unlimited web hosting at no extra cost, to name a few! If the Internet marketing training program you have found is anything like that found at Wealthy Affiliate University, you have great program in front of you!  When shopping around for education, be sure to look for these features.  Anything less will produce inferior and often disappointing results.

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