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When I first got started with internet marketing, I discovered that there were free marketing eBooks everywhere I looked. Sometimes I would even find someone actually selling an eBook which I had found yesterday being given away for free. This got my curiosity and I wondered why someone was selling it on one site and then someone was giving it away on another site. Interesting.

After so much time on line and reading several dozens of eBooks – some of them that I had purchased and some of them that I had gotten for free – I came to one conclusion. None of these eBooks, whether I purchased them or not, helped me make any money. Although they had provided me with a ton of information on what affiliate marketing was, how to find affiliate offers to promote, etc., I still felt lost.  Have you ever felt the same way? I wondered which was the right direction for me to go to actually learn this business, from beginning to end, with a blueprint to actually learn it step by step – as if I was in training to learn a new job at a big corporation.

Free marketing Ebooks are usually used as a tool to get your attention from affiliate marketers. Sites will give them away in order for you to become familiar with their work and provide you with the resources and material to get started. After collecting a few dozen online, I still didn’t really have the ability to discern how to get started with steps to follow- with an teacher who is genuinely capable of getting me to the stage of making money.

I can across a free marketing Ebook called Create Your First Website By 3:45 This Afternoon. This was the best step by step instructional eBook I had ever read. The person who wrote the book is a gentleman by the name of Chris Farrell. He started in this business in February of 2008 and learned how to do everything the hard way. He learned on his own. Now he has dedicated his business to teaching beginners how to learn step by step.

The reason this free marketing Ebook is unique is because it tells you the fundamentals of web hosting, domain names, web editors, uploading your site to the web, adding pictures, and all the basics to building a website. It really is easy the way he teaches it. Once you learn this skill, you can promote affiliate offers with your own sites.

Chris Farrell has established  his own membership site which teaches someone exactly how to get started for a small monthly fee. I truly wish I had discovered his free marketing Ebook from the very beginning.

So if you see free Ebooks online, make sure you determine that the material is relevant to get you started and the person giving it away is not just trying to get in your pocket.

Andrew Parsons is a full time internet marketer and writer. He is an advocate of teaching others how to get started in making passive income with affiliate marketing and creating web sites. Visit his web page and receive a free report-Create Your First Website by 3:45 This Afternoon.

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