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A few nice web 2.0 marketing tools images I found:

Slide – InfoVis 2.0 – YOW 2010 Melbourne
web 2.0 marketing tools

Image by avlxyz
Creating Interactive Data Visualizations for the Web with the JavaScript InfoVis Toolkit 2.0

The Web has never been more open to everyone. Open Data services exist in almost every web application: from social networking apps to governmental pages and the news, all this data can be instantly accessed by exposed APIs. However, although most of this data is offered in a simple interchange format, its structures are quite complex, ranging from complex networks to time-based information, hierarchical data or heavy graphs. Displaying this data in a manner that enables the viewer to gain some insight can be challenging, especially if we aim at providing some interaction and doing it in a cross-browser/cross-device manner. The JavaScript InfoVis Toolkit creates interactive data visualizations for the Web. It’s based solely on Web Standards, leveraging the power of native browser technologies to provide insights on complex data. In this talk you will learn about the JavaScript InfoVis Toolkit and how it can help you create advanced data visualizations for the Web.

Keywords: JavaScript, Visualization, InfoVis, DataVis, VisualWeb

Target Audience: People wanting to create data visualizations for the web using major browsers and platforms.

Speaker Information
Nicolas Garcia Belmonte
Author JavaScript InfoVis Toolkit and V8-GL

Software Passion: Passionate about Web Standards and Information Visualization.

Twitter: @philogb
Software: JavaScript InfoVis Toolkit V8-GL

About YOW! Australia 2010
The YOW! 2010 Australia Software Developer Conference is a unique opportunity for you to listen to and talk with international software experts in a relaxed setting.

Here’s why you should want to attend:

* concise, technically-rich talks and workshops delivered
without the usual vendor-hype and marketing spin
* broad exposure to the latests tools and technologies,
processes and practices in the software industry
* "invitation only" speakers selected by an independent
international program committee from a network
of over 400 authors and experts
* a relaxed conference setting where you get the rare opportunity
to meet and talk with world-reknowned speakers face-to-face
* an intimate workshop setting where you are able
to benefit from an in-depth learning experience
* a truly unique opportunity to make contacts and network
with other talented Australian software professionals
* you’ll be supporting a great charity. Ten dollars from every registration will be donated to the Endeavour Foundation.

website: YOW! 2010 Melbourne
venue: Jasper Hotel, Melbourne

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