Web 2.0 Marketing Strategies That Deliver

If you had a dollar for each of the Web 2.0 marketing strategies available to you, you wouldn’t even need online success! Web 2.0 or Social Media is transforming the internet marketing landscape almost by the day, and you need to add Web 2.0 marketing strategies to your armoury.

Social networking sites, particularly Facebook and Twitter at the time of writing, enjoy enormous traffic. But as we all know many users are happy to fritter their time away on pointless ‘apps’ or timewasting novelties. But don’t let that put you off. These and other social media sites offer great opportunities to you, the patient online marketer.

Of all Web 2.0 marketing strategies, the one that will earn you the least money and the least friends is spamming business opportunities or ‘bizopps’. Nobody in the social networking community is receptive to that. Think how you feel when that’s done to you. So how do people build businesses using Social Media?

Well, two things. You can target community users who list themselves as entrepreneurs, business owners and such like. Then, once you’ve found them – by use of the search functions within Facebook and Myspace, and the use of Twellow.com for Twitter – you can send them positive, uplifting content or ‘tweets’ along with a link to your capture page or blog. Your content should not mention the link. That’s what makes it not spamming. They click on it only if they like your contribution.

What other Web 2.0 marketing strategies will help? Firstly, it is well worth creating a blog, where you can regularly post content – search engines love the constant updating and blogs get well ranked as a result. Install WordPress at WordPress.org – if your hosting service offers ‘Fantastico’ that is a big help. Otherwise you might need to hire a coder to help you, inexpensively.

Once you have a blog, you can ‘claim’ it at Technorati.com, and harness the power of other social bookmarking sites like del-icio-us.com, digg.com and stumbleupon.com. These are great tools for creating multiple backlinks to your site. But the way to get the best value from this is the same as for social networking sites. Be real, add real content and give real value.

If you are keen to write content, then some of the best Web 2.0 sites to contribute content to are Squidoo.com, Hubpages.com and Scribd.com. All of these give you the chance to in effect create a mini-website for your topic. You must make sure that when you write content you must always optimize the content with your most important keyword in the title and placed a few times in the text. In 500 words you could aim for 5 or 6 placements, for example.

Web 2.0 marketing strategies that involve content-writing – blogs and submitting to the sites above – all require keyword optimization if you want to rank in the search engines. It’s probably best to have no more than three keyword terms per piece, with the crucial one in the title. You can also make that keyword term the link text that you can place in the resource box at the bottom of any article. Linking back to your site via your keyword is a good way to boost your page rank.

With all Web 2.0 marketing strategies, understand that it is a patient game, but the reward is free targeted traffic by the boatload. Grab yourself some quality free training if you’re serious about learning Web 2.0 marketing strategies. Alun Maxwell is an experienced online marketer and is often required by sales organisations to help train people on the impact of their words and behaviours on others.

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