Customized Consumerism: The Benefits and Dangers of Targeted Marketing

This is a documentary about Keyword / Contextual Advertising and Behavioural Targeting. What these terms refer to are online advertising methods that function by scanning your internet activity / keywords and advertising to you based on what it finds. Examples of this type of advertising are AdSense (used in Gmail, Youtube, and across the web), and the targeted advertising that appears in the right-hand column of your Facebook page. This documentary was created for CMN2170, New Media, a course at the University of Ottawa. CREDITS: Cara Song Jerie Shaw REFERENCES: Cunningham, A. (December 2003). Autonomous consumption: Buying into the ideology of capitalism. Journal of Business Ethics. 48(3), 229-236. Retrieved from Communication & Mass Media Complete. Fuchs, C. (January 2010). Grounding critical communication studies: An inquiry into the communication theory of Karl Marx. Journal of Communication Inquiry. 34(1), 15-41. Retrieved from Academic Search Complete. Kavoori, A., & Chadha, K. (April 2009). The critical turn in international communication. Journal of Broadcasting & Electronic Media. 53(2), 336-346. Retrieved from Academic Search Complete. Petrovici, D., & Paliwoda, S. (2007). An empirical examination of public attitudes towards advertising in a transitional economy. International Journal of Advertising. 26(2), 247-276. Retrieved from Communication & Mass Media Complete. Strangelove, M. (2005). The empire of mind: Digital piracy and the anti-capitalist movement
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  1. very well done. i love people who cite their sources, it’s a refreshing find! very interesting information is presented on a subject that is close to my heart and homerow…

  2. guy at the end. thumbs up
    great insight.
    the corporations would love to control our spending behavior.
    Consumers feed their power.
    Consumers should remain efficient. Think about where you will be with the product in the future. Will the product benefit your life? How long will you use it?how often? Is the product something to really aid you in action or are the benefits “materialistic” as the video mentions.

  3. This was a well done little video. Thanks

  4. 1st…

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