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Outsourcing is becoming commonplace and more than just a trend.More than 2/3s of market research organizations under 10million are outsourcing according to one poll.

However, there are some things that you should know before you outsource your next market research project. First of all, a lot of the data out on the web about outsourcing market research is created by offshore organizations who would very much like your market research business.  

Second, a lot of these organizations that are outsourcing are well qualified market researchers. Many of these firms with low costs are really set up to be order takers from qualified market researchers. They will do exactly what you say, even if you are telling them to do something that will yield poor results.  
Sometimes outsourcing can be done to improve the speed and “triple check” the quality of the research being performed.  Additionally, you should realize that many market research firms that you may think are local are actually already “outsourcing” your job to another state and following a “don’t ask don’t tell” policy.  If you don’t ask, they don’t tell you. We are all about Market Research.

Many of the people are not aware of the great extent to which market research telephone interviewing is outsourced because they misunderstand what outsourcing is.  Basically, outsourcing market research is having another organization do some of the work. This is not to be confused with “offshoring” which means you might have an organization outside of the US (if you are in the USA) do your work.  Usually, this is to take advantage of the comparative advantage of labour rates outside the USA.  

Most market researchers should hire someone who can test out vendors and see if their quality is up to snuff. Give a chance to research13 to be done efficaciously and avoid common errors before you start.At Research 13 we can help you to manage your outsourcing.    Research 13 is a small, nimble and growing custom research house.  For each project, Research 13 looks for the most capable team.  Research 13 often works as the consultant’s consultant and has partnered with many types of firms and Ph.D. level practioners to help clients get their desired results promptly.  In many cases, Research 13 can assemble the team and finish the project while others are still “putting the project on the job board.”

To get more information on how to outsource properly to make your next project a success please contact us.  Not surprising to many of you who are quality oriented, when we educate our clients on outsourcing, most choose to have us handle the project internally.

We provide a wide variety of both qualitative and quantitative market research services. Contact us for a free consultation on how we can become your market research partner and help your organization grow. for further queries please Contact Us: 503-863-9913 market research satisfaction tracking market research association

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