Website As Platform

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Website As Platform
web 2.0 marketing plan

Image by juggernautco
Lots of companies think of their corporate website as the ultimate destination for customers. They tend to gauge success in terms of hits, visits, and time spent per visit. While these are important criteria, consider these user experiences that don’t include a visit to your website:

* User gets an email triggered from your web publishing system. The email contains a post about a sale on shoes that starts this Friday. She forwards the email to a friend and makes plans to meet for dinner at the restaurant next door to you. Result: 2 sales come Friday
* User subscribes to your RSS feed and keeps up with all your posts on his My Yahoo page. He sees that you have an expertise in construction law, and he tells his father— a foreman for a concrete company— all about you. The father calls 411 to get your number and becomes a key client
* User does a search for “Chicago dentist Logan Square” at Google. They see your ad on the right-hand side of the screen, as well as in the #1 spot in the search results. They call the phone number from your listing, turn off their computer, and make an appointment for next Tuesday

In each of these instances, your website led to more business— but no one ever looked at it! Moreover, the evidence of the effectiveness of your site won’t show up in the traditional measures.

Upshot: Your website is a platform for influence— the essential start to any online sales & marketing strategy. But there are a multitude of ways that your website can influence positive buying decisions other than a simple visit to your site.

PodCampWest logo
web 2.0 marketing plan

Image by Silicon Valley Blog
PodCampWest : The first Podcamp on the West coast will be held in San Francisco on November 18-19, 2006 at the historic Swedish American Hall. Inspired by PodCamp Boston, PodCampWest San Francisco will connect individuals, businesses and institutions interested in new media.

Podcamp San Francisco is an UnConference in the tradition of BarCamp. PodCampWest is free to attend for the community.

The event will attract influential Bloggers, Audio and Video Podcasting pioneers, content creators and distributors, mainstream media, enthusiasts, businesses, hobbyists, musicians, marketers, PR pros, and people who generally want to understand more about the new media space.

Sessions spread over two days will focus on planning for content, content creation, content publishing and subscription models, production quality, tools, recording techniques, video composition, editing skills, audio and video post production techniques. Also included are sessions on Monetization of New Media formats, Podcasting and Video Blogging and impact of new media on business, Directly communicating with customers in the Web 2.0 world, and New Media marketing and public relations.

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