10 steps to creating your internet marketing plan

1. Intention of Internet Marketing Plan:

Find out the aim for the marketing, for which purpose you are preparing it… To find new Clients?  To Provide Services?  Sell the product? Or to promote the business?

There are many goals that you can complete through internet marketing including how much money have to spend in each month on marketing plan for selected goals. Keeping goal and budget in mind will make your marketing more effective

2. Marketing Cone:

The most successful online business owners have a marketing Cone or funnel (think of it as an upside down triangle) through which they “funnel” clients. The process begins from the wide top of the Cone, representing low-cost products or free giveaways, and moving clients down through the funnel to the narrower portions which signify steadily rising investments from the clients from your higher-priced products and services. It helps to decide the further strategy of the plan for the product or services you provide.

3. Know The Competition:

Knowing and understanding the market competition will help you to know your stand in to the market. Gather important information about your competitors and their stand in the market. Also get the report of their business. Know their marketing plan which will help you to decide yours

4. Your Target Area:

Just decide your target area and focus more on it to make the marketing of your business or product rather than trying to marketing to everyone. For example if you are selling an product than find out the particular groups or areas related to that product, a relative persons who are interested in that kind of product. This will help more to achieve your goal faster as you will get affirmative responses much more over there.

5. Provide Key For Trouble:

There is a reason that someone will interested in your product is the solution of their problems. You have to study about the problems very well and then provide the relative solution to the market. With this also concentrate on your solution quality and make sure that solution is different and unique from your rivals providing maximum effect.

6. Give Brand To Your Trade:

To provide the brand to your trade make the use of the domain with proper title selection, as domain can either give a boost to your brand if you going with the perfect tag line or it may throw your trade in a deep sea. To give the brand register the domain with the relevant title. If possible than buy domain both for the brand name and personal name also. If you use a full-featured domain registrar, you’ll be able to point and mask these domains to internal pages of your web site, or use them as stand-alone sales letter pages.

7. Look At your website.

Your web site should be visually tempting, with primary functions like font, color schemes, navigation, menus, and buttons which will catch the visitors’ eye, with this provide the content which is your product and also the solution of their problems with the detailed benefits which will be provided to the visitors if they purchase your product.

Remember that do not depend on the designer for the content writing, it will be done far better by you as you know your product very well as well as market situations and business position than anyone.

Your primary call for online business is to getting the visitor’s name and primary e-mail address, you can get that easily by asking them to subscribe with your services like free newsletters, free downloads of software, books or provide the services like commenting on blogs or review posting on your website .If you want more visitor than make your site for them not for yourself.

8. Online Business Managing Mechanism:

If you want to do online business than you must have the access to the proper services and technology which is helpful to sell your product online. A minimum you need is a trade account which permits you to take credit card payments online including virtual gateway and full-featured shopping cart that will permit you to sell both physical and electronic products and create a series of auto responders to follow up with buyers and non-buyers. There is many more mechanism you have to follow but this are the primary.

9. Strategies For Internet Marketing:

This point is relative with creating traffic on your website, there are lots of way to do that, including: pay-per-click purchases ( you have to buy a keyword from search engine and get placement on that search engine for that keyword and pay for each visitor who clicks on that link and is sent to your site); organic search engine listing ranking (in which your site comes up at the top of the non-sponsored listings on a search engine by having keyword rich descriptions in the page title and page description meta tags and then optimizing each page for no more than 3 keywords in the first 250 words on a page);

The others are well-written email newsletter, submission of articles, submission of directories, submission of online press releases, etc.

10.  Team Work:

You can’t do this all alone. The most successful business owners will add experts to their team who are great at what they do. So that you can go out and do what you do best — selling your products and services to your target market. Experts to add in your team include an online business manager, an online business coach, a web site designer, a graphic designer, a writing expert etc.

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