Online Communities Change the World – marketing and consumer Impact of YouTube, Facebook, Wikipedia, TripAdvisor and other online communities. Why traditional advertising agencies cannot respond. Power of community opinion. New marketing models. Why online communities are trusted more than official websites or information sources. Web 2.0. Conference keynote speaker and Futurist Dr Patrick Dixon.

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  1. greate view on todays marketing mediums
    this is the truth

  2. Thanks – I reply to things here. If you want to contact me go to globalchange dot com. For more of my videos on this issue SUBSCRIBE to my next videos – press ORANGE BUTTON top RIGHT. Also if you click FAVOURITE (red heart) immediately below video, you will help other people find this video and enjoy it too. PLEASE do comment….I try to reply to most comments, but with 10 million different visitors to my sites sometimes it takes me a while. Patrick Dixon

  3. Yes very clever, I find that I am a member of various tribes, check my favorites to see what ones I’m in!

  4. I’ve tried to reply to your message but YouTube tells me that your account is set to only receives email from ‘friends’!

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