Internet And Affiliate Marketing With Social Media For Baby Boomers

Internet and Affiliate Marketing With Social Media for Baby Boomers as I dicussed before the Internet is really in it’s infancy some like 12 years old.The point to this is every couple of month somebody comes up with their latest idea on how to build you list.Like a while back it was to create an E-Book and Market it.

Then the next great idea was article marketing and then if memiory serves me it was building back links with your articles.

Then we moved on to JV partners and E-Mail swaps.Then ofcourse we need to mention Blogging oh ya you need to have a blog of your own.Then we move on to tela semenares yes everybody who was anybody in the internet marketing business had to have his are her own semiare.

Then next scheme  was to have a membership site on line,I mean you just couldn’t be anybody unless you went to each and everyone of these steps. So now we have envoled into Social Media.

Now I can see the strange look on your face what exactly is social meda.Well after doing my home work it involes get on FaceBook and or Twitter and haveing your presance there and making friends.

Well here’s my take as an old introvert and not being the most social person this really doesn’t look that easy to me.

First from what I can see these sites have more ruels and reulations than Obomas government,which means a lot of regualtions and rules.Then you have to figure out how to drive them which if you haven’t looked into it yet can get a little complicate if your not that good with a computer.

Now after doing some reaserch I did find one kid named Paul O’Mahony ( which from what I’ve learned he  is supposed to be an expert on the subject and has made quite a bit of money with social marketing

Now my thought on this if you know nothing about the subject Social Media Marketing  you might be better off trying to out source this untill you can figure it out.You can go to the Warior Fourm and find some good information on the subject but be prepared to spend some time and money.

Just looks to me that that there are to many rules and it would to easy to get band if you make a mistake,Just my thoughts.

Being a jack of all trades and a master of none you really need to do some reaserch which aspect of internet marketing fits your personality.

What all this comes down is you need information and NOT a lot of fluff so I sujest you click on this link to get startted CLICK HERE NOW

Stay out of information over load and take this Internet and Affiliate Marketing one step at a time. You really can’t learn it if you don’t take acction.I think it was {President Roosevelt that said” The only thing you have to fear is fear it self}.”.

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