What’s the best way to advertise?

Question by Karen U: What’s the best way to advertise?
Are times changing? Seems it gets harder and harder to get yourself found on the internet and I can’t help but wonder if the tides are turning again. Even with web 2.0 marketing which might be the latest craze, it’s not going to work for someone who’s never owned their own business before and never marketed online before.

What is your opinion on the best way to be found, online or offline? Or both? And why

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Answer by John
The best way to be found on line or off line, first and this is the most important…know your targeted market.

Not only who they are, but understand them and what motivates them.

Many time while working with clients, I will ask who they think their potential customers are and the response commonly heard is “everyone”

Once that is achieved, choose a marketing strategy that will arrive at your objectives and then stick to it, fine tuning it and making it work for you.

The problem with most marketing campaigns is they are not totally focused and spread their efforts to thin, quickly become disoriented.

My advice, know where you are heading, pick a road and stay on it. Enjoy the journey

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