Web 2.0 Marketing Levels the Playing Field for Small Companies

The old way of internet marketing is quickly becoming a thing of the past with Web 2.0 Marketing. There was a time when small businesses didn’t have a chance of success at online marketing against the larger companies. During that time, marketers had to buy an advertisement, pay someone to create it and pay to have it placed on various sites. That is no longer the case with the invention of Web 2.0

With Web 2.0, companies can advertise on social media platforms for very little cost and a lot of the time, for free. Companies can choose to pay to be listed on the search engines or manually submit their URL’s to gain higher page rankings and visibility. Banners and advertisements can be placed on any social media platform as long as it is not a violation of the platform’s guidelines.

Millions of people are part of social networking sites. And these can be a great place to grab a huge audience and it will cost very little. On social networking sites, users create profiles, send messages, use instant messaging, share information and videos, and post blogs.

Of the millions of users that are logged onto their computers daily, most are looking for information. This would be a reason to utilize a social bookmarking site like Digg or Delicious. A social bookmarking site allows people to place content on the website that is searchable. Once a user finds something of interest to them, they simply “bookmark” it. A bookmarking site allows users to save content of interest on a website rather than saving it to their computer.

When implementing a Web 2.0 marketing campaign, make sure not to forget the tried and trusted email marketing. If this is one of the strategies chosen, make sure to follow all of the Can-Spam guidelines, otherwise the campaign will be a bust. Every email campaign should be consistent (i.e. newsletters are delivered on a certain day of the week at a certain time)

Internet marketers need to understand the way the world uses the internet and implement that into any Web 2.0 Marketing strategy. Being able to interact in real time with users is key to a successful campaign.

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