Web 2.0 Marketing Examples

There are many changes that have been brought about by Web 2.0 Marketing. Web 2.0 is different than Web 1.0 in respect to the way things work, and how users navigate the web. Users now have more control over the material they view and how they link to it. Web 2.0 has leveled the playing field between the small business and multi-million dollar business.

Web 1.0 talked “to” the user while Web 2.0 allows the user to talk “with” the site. This is made possible by the variety of social media and social networking sites. Social media allows users to connect with other users from all over the world. Users are able to connect using platforms that allow users to interact in real time by chatting, posting blogs and videos, etc.

With all of these changes; it has forced the internet marketer to change the way they think, react, and advertise. In order to make it in the world of Web 2.0 marketing; the marketer must be willing to keep an open mind and be ready and willing to accept and adapt to change.

The old ways of paying an agency to create a banner and place it on various sites and “hope” it will generate online presence, rankings and revenue is a thing of the past. With the different social platforms that are available companies can place their ads at little to no charge.

Search engine optimization is still an important part of increasing page rankings. It has become a little easier to build backlinks due to the various social platforms. Utilizing free platforms like FaceBook, YouTube, and Digg can help get product recognition, and hopefully generate revenue.

FaceBook is a social networking site where users can search for people with the same interests, post comments and blogs. YouTube is a site where users can create and upload short informative videos. Digg is a social bookmarking site that allows users to save and organize information on a website rather than to their computer.

Incorporating any or all of these sites into a Web 2.0 Marketing campaign may go a long way to building page rankings, online visibility and trust and hopefully increase revenue.

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