5 Tips to Help you Succeed at Web 2.0 Marketing

While Web 2.0 marketing does not involve any complex technology, it does involve a radical shift in the way organizations think about marketing. The rules of the game have changed drastically and to succeed in a Web 2.0 world, it is important that all of Web 2.0 marketing doctrine is instilled in your organization’s staff.

Here are a few things you may want to consider when entering the Web 2.0 marketing arena:

Tip #1 Learn how social media works

Social media marketing is a critical component of Web 2.0 marketing. Taking some time for you as well as your staff to understand and participate in social media marketing is an important first step. Some of the new services you need to understand and be familiar with include MySpace, YouTube, Flickr, Technorati and del.icio.us.

Tip #2 Develop a Web 2.0 marketing campaign

There are several Web 2.0 methodologies that are available for your use. Brainstorm with your staff and your loyal users and develop a strategic plan about how and where your marketing resources can best be put to use for online marketing.

Keep your mind open and be prepared to accept the revolutionary new ideas that fit the nature of social media marketing. Invite staff and loyal customers to submit relevant photographs or videos and add catchy titles. These can then be sent as postcards to their friends and contacts, widening your customer circle.

What’s even better is if you can get your passionate users to create a promotional video for your product or service. Ask you customers to film themselves using your product or service Let them be your “instruction manual”. You could post them online on numerous sites giving you unprecedented, free publicity.

Tip #3 Join the conversation

Social media applications are two-way conversations between you and your audience, providing you several ways to participate. Add social tools such as wikis, video blogs, tagging or Weblogs to your site and allow users to comment and contribute. Make sure you contribute to the conversation regularly. Instead of waiting for users to find you, determine your target audience’s favorite hang outs and join in their conversation; whether it be on Web forums, MySpace or on users’ blogs.

Tip #4 Be outstanding

This should go without saying. Social media marketing is viral in nature. Interesting ideas and valuable content spread among users faster than you can imagine. Make it a priority to offer your viewers something out of the ordinary that they can use and share online as well as offline.

Add fresh content regularly, whether a podcast that is relevant to your line of business or an organization event or a background piece on a product you are about to launch.

Tip #5 Create videos

Creating short videos and posting them to YouTube and other video sharing sites can bring substantial traffic your way. With over 100 million video downloads daily on YouTube alone, this is one marketing opportunity you cannot afford to overlook.

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