Video Web Help To Market Your Ministry

Video Web Help: Market Your Ministry

You probably never thought of getting video web help to market your ministry.

“Market my ministry? That doesn’t even sound right!”

I get that comment or read it once in a while.

My reply is: The harvest is ripe and ready online. With 60 per cent of internet traffic being video, don’t be shy about seeking video web help!

Here are some thoughts on ministry marketing starting with your church website.

Having a dynamic custom designed church website is one important key in the marketing of your church and the many ministries it represents. Your church website can be that window to the world enabling someone to peak in, and see who you are, and experience the passion of your church ministry heart.

Being able to effectively set up your website to not only explain who you are, but also to be an extension of your ministry efforts is something you can attain. You want people to continue to re-visit your website to find information they may need. You want them to come back so you can continue to minister to them. You want them to bookmark your site as a place they know they can receive the best in ministry, whether that’s your Pastor’s Preaching Page, your Church’s Webcast, or a selection of books and audios they can purchase on line!

Here are some keys to keep in mind for your Church Marketing Strategy using a website:

Keep Your Church Website Current

This is an obvious point but necessary to make. You want the information correct whether it’s a service time on Sunday or a ministry outreach scheduled for a certain day. You want the website to be complete! You do your church no justice if you keep a “under construction” note at your site, or a wrong phone number.

Use A Custom Design with A Proven Web Hosting System

How your church website looks can often determine whether the person seeing you on line will come to visit or not. You need a custom design that is modern and unique. There are so many Web sites of different churches and ministries competing with you. How do you use a Church marketing strategy that makes your site stand out and be found at Google and the other Search Engines? One powerful tool that comes with a step by step easy to follow method is SiteBuild. Sitebuild comes with all the necessary tools and instruction to help you find those “key words” to attract visitors, and then helps you build your website with no “HTML” experience necessary.
Make Your Site A Part of Your Church Ministry

Being able to minister on line is an incredible experience. Some people may never go through the front door of your church no matter how wonderful your Church body may be or how powerful your sermons! What a tremendous opportunity you have to reach out to the world via the world wide web with your ministry, your passion to bring salvation, healing, hope and restoration in the name of Jesus. You could employ a video ministry, webcasts of your services, such as the ones from Covenant Church in Louisiana. You could provide an outlet where people could find relevant ministry publications, music, audio and Bibles to purchase from you (with your Church gaining another stream of ministry income in the process!)

Finally, I could show you many great church websites that are using incredible church marketing techniques to draw people in through the front doors of their church, or ministering to those peaking into the “windows” of their ministry on line. My own home church,Kilough By the Lake is a great example using its site to share the passion of Senior Pastor Dr. Jeff Burrell’s ministry heart: “…Learning, Living and Sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ.”

So are you ready to get started?

Or maybe you want to start over with your Church website.

Check out these links to help you be on your way to having a website that connects through sermon notes, videos, prayer lines, and other church ministry to capture a heart for Jesus with your ministry passion. Whether it’s to get them to enter your church, to minister to the lost, or even to provide a place for them to purchase ministry materials, these links will provide you with the tools to make your website effective and even profitable!

Don’t Forget The Power of Video

Video ministry is at the core of my passion for ministry marketing too.

For a limited time we have a free video series to help you at

We’ll also share some valuable video tips and strategies as you go about that process of implementing video.

The internet is going to play more of a pivotal role in helping churches, evangelists, ministers, and Christian musicians reach the world in the 21st century through powerful Web sites, videos, podcasts, and e-mail campaigns.

Will you be a powerful voice and face crying out in the wilderness called the internet?

Theresa Croft is a business and ministry marketing consultant and video marketing expert training ministries on how to harness the power of the internet for promotion, preaching, and profit. She offers a free video series and the DTC Ministry Marketing System free consultation at

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