How to get People to Follow You on Twitter in the World of Web 2.0

Twitter is becoming an increasingly popular social networking site. On Twitter; users post status updates to let the world know what they are doing. The status can be updated as often or as far apart as a person chooses.

It is easy to get a Twitter account. Simply sign up, log in and post status messages (up to 140 words). On Twitter a company can post URL’s to all of their sites and post them to Twitter. Any user that knows the name of the company or product and type it in the search bar navigate to the users’ page and click follow. It’s that simple. This is an easy way to keep followers updated about new products, free trials and any special deals that are available.

Users can go directly through the website to update tweets and view tweets from other followers. One way to find people that may be interested in following you; simply type in their email address or log into one of the many web services supported by Twitter. This will give you a list of people that you are already associated with and possibly a definite follower.

The people you follow do not necessarily have to follow back. Users can download a desktop application that will keep them automatically updated with all incoming Tweets. For the person on the go; there is a download for different types of cell phones where users can send and receive tweets. If the mobile device does not support the app, Tweets can be sent via SMS.

Once the Twitter account is created, the user is assigned a unique URL; this can then be emailed to an established contact list.

Adding a “twitter widget” is another great way to get followers quickly. When a user comes across a site that is of interest to him or her and want to follow it; all the user has to do is click the icon and they will automatically start receiving tweets.

Twitter is just another way for the marketer to get noticed in the world of Web 2.0. For the marketer; Twitter is a good platform to use to post new products and/or product improvements or great deals products.

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  16. @chimimimusic Thanks for this great comment. I could not agree more with you. Please let me know if there any types of content you would like to see. David Skul

  17. David, congrats for pushing out your message. Your protocols are all very much common sense. My take away from what you are saying misses the most crucial dynamic of social media- the user is in charge-not the owner of the messaging. The user determines the relative value of whatever content you present…not the owner of the content. The greatest challenge going forward is to re evaluate what we are conditioned to believe is true…which truly is most everything we’ve been taught.

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  21. @mrswartz Thank you for thisi comment. This is a great update. This video is now 3 years old.

  22. Social Media is the biggest shift in communication since the Industrial Revoulution.
    It makes the world a much smaller place. 96% of people now use social networks such as Facebook, and Twitter.

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    buffet, come in and use what what we have what works best for you.

  27. @SpaceHeaterStudios Thank you for your comment. I completely agree with you. Often people get infatuated with search engine results and forget that the audience they should be focused on consists of real live people. Manners, tact, grace and integrity amongst other traits all play out here. Appealing to your audience is the key and if you think you are talking to a computer. Boy you are dead wrong. If I can provide you with any other types of training or information please ask. David Skul

  28. @marketingontheweb1 Thank you for your comment. I appreciate the look at my videos. If you are looking for anything that I have not covered yet please let me know.

  29. These are good guidelines to keep in mind, especially the points about not “rebuilding the wheel”. Social networking is exactly what it sounds like – networking. Its important to use what you are already given (groups, organizations, pages) to reach people all the while developing your own strategies to find people.

  30. Nice video. I find it helpful to see what other marketers and trainers are posting. Thanks!

  31. @ThorSydneyman Thank you for your comment. I appreciate your positive response. I hope the videos help you to achieve your goals. If you would like me to cover other types of content please let me know. David Skul

  32. @ThorSydneyman Thank you very much for your comment. I appreciate your subscription and stay tuned as there is much more to come.

  33. @SmartNetMedia I agree with you. It is an amazing technology set that we are emerging into. I am glad you liked the video and I hope they helped.

  34. You’re really an expert than I can learn from. I subscribed to your channel. I will go over your video series.

  35. This is a very informative video. Social Networking and Mobile Marketing have truly coming of age. As smartphones and apps become better, the possibilities are endless. I currently us Apple devices and am anticipating the Android adddtion of Honeycomb. Who knows wher this will take us.

  36. @tamunatko Thank you for the subscription. More videos to come this week.

  37. @tamunatko I am so glad the videos helped you. Stay tuned because there is a lot more to come.

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