Web 2.0 Marketing Best Practices

With all of the new ways that companies can advertise with Web 2.0; there should be some common practices that the marketer deciding to use Web 2.0 Marketing should follow. There are numerous social media platforms that companies can take advantage of; social networking sites, social bookmarking sites, and social media (video) sites.

First, an individual must have a basic understand of what Web 2.0 is. The actual definition for Web 2.0 is still highly debatable, but the basic definition is where users collect, share, organize and interact with each other.

Second, do a little research to find out which platform(s) best suits the company’s needs. It is not necessary to participate in every platform there is available (there are over 60 social media platforms to choose from). There is no best platform. It is entirely incumbant upon the company, its needs and resources.

Third, be prepared to keep the content fresh and updated and be willing to become involved. For instance, if the chosen platform was a blog; make sure that the site is monitored and that all posts are responded to no matter how big or small. This builds a feeling of trust and builds brand name.

Another great way to reach users is by joining a social networking site like FaceBook or MySpace. Once the profile is created, searches can be generated by different criteria. Criteria for searches can be: by gender, age, geographical area, etc.
Social bookmarking sites are becoming a very popular way to create greater online visibility. Social bookmarking sites are a great way for users to find and store information that they find important and interesting to them. It allows them to save it to the website rather than to their computers and also easy to share with others.

Web 2.0 Marketing goes against everything that the traditional marketer is used to. As long as he or she keeps an open mind and is willing to adapt and change; the small business can rank right up there with the large business in the online world.

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