Make The Best of your Email Marketing

In this new world of communication where individuals are using social networking to communicate with one another, email is still one of the most powerful communication sources there is. So, make sure not to include an email marketing campaign in the Web 2.0 Marketing strategy.

Here are some tips to help manage the email marketing campaign to make sure that subscribers actually receive and continue reading the newsletters that are received:

Spam has become such a problem, that internet service providers have put stringent spam protection in effect to protect their customers from spam. One way of making sure that emails actually reach subscribers is to be careful of the content of the email. Emails that use the words “free“, “discounts“, “winner“, and things of the like will most likely be viewed as spam and deleted.

In order to maximize click through rates, keep it simple. Just a plain jane blue clickable link will get a reader to click faster than a large image or banner. This may increase click through rates and possibly even boost sales.

Address the user by name. This will definitely get the readers attention and make them at least open the email. This makes the reader feel like there is some type of relationship that has formed and peaks their interest in the email.

Utilize a double opt-in subscription process and a one click unsubscribe button should be in every email that is sent. Double opt-subscription process is when the subscriber receives a confirmation email that must be confirmed prior to sending them any emails. This gives the subscriber a chance to change their mind. The unsubscribe link should take the reader directly to the unsubscribe page.

Be consistent with the time and frequency of the delivery of the emails. For instance, if the email is to be sent every Tuesday at 3pm, set up the auto responder to deliver every Tuesday at 3pm. The subscribers will appreciate and begin to look forward to this. It also builds a feeling of trust.

Don’t forget to make email marketing a large part of the Web 2.0 Marketing strategy that the company chooses to implement. Taking certain steps to ensure that the email campaign is Can-Spam Compliant will ensure that the emails actually reach more inboxes.

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