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If you are looking to build a business online, then you one of the best and easiest ones to start is affiliate marketing. Like any new venture you will need some guidance and advice to help you to learn the affiliate marketing basics.

No matter what you may think, there are no secrets to making an income in this business. If you steer clear of the hype, and ridiculous claims, then you can find some good information. If you are looking for common sense affiliate marketing training then read on.

Finding products:

One of the best places to look for products to promote is your own home. Chances are there are already several things you have bought, or use, that you would gladly recommend to others. There you have it, as there are very few things that you can’t find an affiliate program for, you already have a supply of products available.

Creating campaigns:

Once you have your products you can begin creating your marketing campaign. The first thing you need is a landing page, or website, to send traffic to. You can either buy a domain, or build a free blog or web-page on a site like blogger.

Make sure the title of your page, and its web address, has a keyword related to your promotion in it. The more specific this keyword is the better.

Write for traffic:

Now you have a place to send your traffic its time to get the flow started. The best free way is to write articles related to your product niche, and post them to free article directories. Keep writing consistently, because you can’t have too much content. Articles also bring valuable external links that point back to your site.

Make sure you write good quality content, pay attention to grammar, and correct spelling. Not only because if you don’t pay attention to this, your articles will get rejected, but also because you need to look professional. There is no bigger turn off than a badly written article or web-page, littered with misspellings.


Once you have first campaign up and running, go back to the start of the process, and start your next one. The more you have online the more conversions and commission you will make. It really is a numbers game.

Don’t give up:

Not every campaign is going to show immediate results, and some will flop badly. It is very difficult in the beginning not to get downhearted, and give up. Keep going because even the flops could come good in time. Plus every one should add to your knowledge. If you move forward and keep creating pages, your massive success could be just around the corner, if you stop you will never know.

learn affiliate marketing basics, and get some good affiliate marketing training.These are two of the most important tasks when you are starting out. If you use the methods I have mentioned here, and use some good old common sense, there is no reason you can’t build a great business for very little investment.

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