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Animoto is the fastest, easiest way to turn your video, clips, & messages into high-quality marketing videos. Simply upload your images, add some text, & pick the background music; Animoto does the rest. In minutes you can share your video on Facebook, YouTube, even your own blog or website.


Styles, Music, & Artificial Director: Dozens of video styles, more than 1000 commercially licensed songs, and an AI director. The AI director uses the cinematic elements of the chosen song to build custom animations & flows to match the video style.

Unlimited Videos: Create & share as many branded 30 second videos as you like on the free plan.

Truly Free Memberships: Most of the time a company talks about a free membership, it’s a safe bet that the “Free Offer” is a scam. Animoto actually offers a real free offer with no processing, shipping, or other hidden charges. They give you the account for free, because every video you create also serves as an ad for Animoto.


Branding & Full Length Videos: A free Animoto account limits videos to 30 seconds & includes an Animoto ad at the end of each video. For $5 a month, you can create full length videos, but they are still branded as Animoto videos. These are still highly acceptable videos for spreading your marketing message, but you are sharing the spotlight with Animoto which reduces the impact of your message.

High Cost Memberships: Unlimited High Def videos & unbranded videos quickly get expensive costing between $250 & $500 per year. In comparison to hiring a video technician, you are spending less than you would for a single custom made video, so the cost is actually not that much of a con.

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To start your free membership or learn more about paid Animoto memberships, visit Animoto’s website.

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