Web 2.0 Marketing — Opening the World for the Small Business

Though several large web based companies have successfully adopted web 2.0 marketing strategies, small businesses have been less adept at implementing these technologies. Moreover, small businesses find it harder and often unaffordable to get their site redesigned and also to build new technologies and re learn marketing strategies. The truth is, owners of small web based companies who are still hesitating on joining the Web 2.0 community could be missing out on an opportunity to obtain definitive ecommerce success. Exploring these four new emerging web 2.0 trends can help small businesses win the battle for market share against the bigger online giants.
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  11. Hi, I’m considering using youtube, vlip, blogger, and a couple of there sources to gather user experince data for a product I support at a small company whose core technology is video conferencing. Any suggestions on how I should present information either on the video blogs or text blogs to get current or potential end-users to participate. Thanks!

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