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Marketwire Unveils Powerful Conversation-Driving Content Management System and Web Hosting Platform
EasySuite 2.0 Offers an Intuitive User Interface, Site Flexibility and WYSIWYG Tools to Build, Manage and Deliver a Content-Rich, Interactive Communications and Corporate Website Presence
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BI Datasources – The Great Mash-up
Data mash-up within Business Intelligence (BI) applications is one of the latest must have requirements. Considering the growth of NoSQL use within the BI area, the mash-up can be another useful tool to be added to the BI application – but it must not be utilized to the detriment of the core principles of any BI solution.
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3 Trends Shaping B2B Marketing
For progressive and tech savvy business-to-business companies, traditional marketing techniques like entire departments dedicated to cold calling potential clients have largely been retired to the trash folder. Instead, these companies are rapidly embracing technologies and practices aimed at increasing productivity, using social media more effectively, and providing engaging and informative …
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