Do I have enough experience to become a consultant?

Question by Michel C: Do I have enough experience to become a consultant?
I want to become self-employed. For me, the pros outweigh the cons by a mile. I know how to sell myself, and am very professional.

I’m also very analytical, attentive to detail, and business-minded. My interests include small businesses, the internet (especially Web 2.0 Trends) and marketing. I have 2 blogs up on the internet; one about Web 2.0 Trends, and one about computer game development.

I’m considering becoming a consultant for small business IT solutions such as web sites, databases, and computer systems.

The only thing I’m doubting myself for at the moment is my experience in the field. I have a college diploma (2 years) in Computer Programming. I have about 1 year of experience in web design, web application programming, and .NET programming. I know I have the skills to pull it off (I graduated with honors, and am very self-motivated), but I worry that I don’t have the experience to back me up.

Do you think I have enough experience to kick-start a career in consulting? If not, do you have any possible alternatives?

Thank you
“Consulting” might require too much experience in my case. Can anybody think of alternatives for me?

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Answer by chebrew2000
Consultants have many years of experience AND they have connections in the industry. From what you’ve written you’re a nobody in the industry. Who’s going to trust you? How will you get clients? Most consultants get work by word of mouth or they do outside work for a company they used to work for. You need so much experience it’s not funny. Get a job, work hard and shine and cultivate a following of people who know your work and are willing to take a chance on you.

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