Top 5 Web 2.0 Marketing Tips for Affiliates

Web 2.0 isn’t really an internet marketing technique. It actually encompasses several marketing techiques: social sites like Facebook and MySpace, video sites, blogs, and any other sites where the content is interactive.

As an affiliate, you can use these types of sites to help you market affiliate programs, and you usually don’t need a website.

Below are 5 tips for getting started:

1. Carefully choose which sites you will market on.

This probably sounds a little simplistic. After all, why not post on every site you can? The problem with marketing on Web 2.0 is that it’s very time consuming. These types of sites offer so many ways to interact.

Decide in advance what it is you want to accomplish on the site: connect with potential JV partners, get the word out about the products you market, etc.

Pay attention to the rules on each site. Some are more business friendly than others. You may even find more success marketing on sites targeted to your niche.

2. Build a blog.

As an affiliate, a blog will allow you to promote more than one program. Offer articles, reviews, industry news, and general tips. Just make sure that the products you promote are related. If you’re selling skin care, don’t talk about internet marketing on your blog. It will only confuse your readers.

3. Create tutorials.

Whether you use a blog or video, tutorials are an easy way to connect with others. Web 2.0 allows you to accomodate different learning styles. Some find it easier to learn watching a demonstration while others may find it easier to learn from reading instructions.

Write a tutorial and turn it into a free report. Recommend the affiliate product at the end. If it’s a video, give a demonstration of the product.

4. Complete your profile.

By completing your profile for each site, you make it personal. Tell others who you are. Offer a freebie. If possible, give others a chance to subscribe to a list. The connections you make are more targeted when you provide more information.

Don’t get too personal though, and don’t include any contact information that gives others a chance to call you at 3 am. Also, don’t provide so much information others may steal your identity. Don’t be paranoid; just be careful.

5. Take full advantage of what the site offers.

Depending on the site(s) you choose, you’ll have a wide variety of ways to promote your programs. These include free classifieds, groups, forums, personal emails, comments and others. Study the site very carefully and find the best ways to promote your product.

The better you know the site, the better you may target your promotions. Targeted promotions are what make your sales.

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