Marketing Techniques for your Social Networking Website

Web 2.0 has its own unique look and feel, indeed it’s become a culture unto itself. If you plan to setup your own social networking site, learn from the successes and failure of previous entries. This article examines the characteristics of a successful Web 2.0 website. On of the biggest coups in Web 2.0 marketing so far has been GMail. Hotmail, owned by Microsoft, found success years earlier by offering free email accounts to anyone. GMail made their free email service available by invite only, at least initially. The fact that you had to be invited created a huge buzz. At one point a GMail account was one of the most sought after items on the internet — I even saw GMail invites being offered on eBay! So, exclusivity, at least initially, can build buzz. Theme. What is your site about? How are you different than the hundreds, and possibly thousands, of other social media sites out there? Don’t try to be the next MySpace or FaceBook. Those niches are long gone. In fact, you may have to create a niche of a niche. Be creative. Being the first in your niche will determine whether you’re successful or not. Invite people to your website as beta testers. Be exclusive. Beta has the “cool” element that makes participants feel they are part of something new and original.
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