Social Media Marketing Strategies

Below are several social media marketing strategies that will help motivate you to consider Web 2.0 as a viable marketing option: Reach Out First. The key to successful social media marketing is determining where your target audience is and then reaching out to them…where they are. You may have to start out in smaller communities, building brand awareness. Remember, social media isn’t about interruption. You have to prove that you can engage your audience. Listen First. How do you reach out? By listening first. Traditional marketing focuses on hitting a market with products and services that may or may not be relevant. It’s easier because it doesn’t require the up-front work. But, if you want to be effective and relevant to a social media crowd, you have to listen first. You have to locate the psychological hot spots. You are the Brand. As opposed to traditional marketing where the focus was on the product, web 2.0 marketing focuses on the promoter. That’s why interruption marketing doesn’t work in social media. People don’t care about the product until they can trust, and eventually care, about you. Your audience doesn’t buy your product, they buy you.
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  7. i like the fact that you emphasize the time investment that’s required for success. Looking forward to your next videos!

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