Understanding Web 2.0 Terminology — Part 1 – Video

AJAX You will see AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) at work in most Web 2.0 websites. Basically, it allows a web page to request new data from a server and publish it on a webpage without the page having to reload entirely. It makes for a much more fluid user experience. However, it does make certain SEO techniques ineffective. API API stands for Application Programming Interface. An API provides the tools for building software applications. In Web 2.0, APIs allow for the ‘programmable web’ where online applications can be run through browsers with Google Documents being a prime example of a Web 2.0 application. Blog Blogs were one of the first types of Web 2.0 websites to go main stream. Basically, a blog is an online journal. There are millions, if not billions, of them out there covering just about every subject imaginable. What sets them apart from traditional websites is their content management and user comment ability
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freelinereport.com Traffic Travis is one of the better SEO research tools we’ve seen. It features everything from a keyword finder to a page analyzer, and it has an easy-to-use interface. And unlike a lot of SEO software that’s of this caliber . . . Traffic Travis is free. http Wordle is a free online tool that lets you create a tag or word cloud out of any text you throw at it. The cloud then displays all the words from the text based on how frequently that word appears, just like the tag cloud in the right hand column at freeline report.com. freelinereport.com Elsewhere, StomperNet faculty member, David Bullock, is always thinking about sophisticated ways you can get more out of your ongoing keyword research. In “A New Definition for Keywords,” he suggests that you should be looking at the “conversations” of search phrases rather than just current search volume. freelinereport.com Solid keyword research is an important part of any good web marketing campaign. Archaeologist is a new web application that lets you analyze and study keywords and phrases found in Digg. freelinereport.com It seems like there are five or six more Web 2.0 companies, tools and web sites every single day. To give you a visualization of the scope of social media proliferation, SimpleSpark.com created a video that flashes all the Web 2.0 company logos they could find into one short video. That’s 5000 web apps flashing before your eyes in 333 seconds. freelinereport.com Brad Fallon now hosts a daily
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    Market Samurai for sure we just did a full review on our channel

  3. @arieyhanz
    Market Samurai for sure we just did a full review on our channel

  4. Traffic Travis and Market Samurai.. Which one is better? Anyone?

  5. I have bought Traffic Travis, you can read my review here – clickbankreviewdude(dot)com/traffic-travis-review

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