Tek Talk – William Holden, Web 2.0 Software Developer

This week on Tek Talk, William Holden,

budurl.com Covert Opt In Web 2.0 Internet Marketing Sales Tool created by Bob Beckett & Tim Davis is the BOMB! “Discover How To Grow Your Optin List Like WILDFIRE, While Boosting Your Conversions As Much As 350%! No more hassles or frustrations dealing with Html, FTP, Coding , Programming, etc. With this software, you would now be able to: Build a list of prospects while sending traffic to affiliate offers. Follow up with your prospects which will increased your conversions to as much as 300-350%. This sneaky and covert software allows you to build your list in front of any website, whether you own it or not. You would now be able to afford Pay Per click, and could take over Targeted and Specific Niches because you would crush your competition with higher conversions. You could improve your conversions by using VIDEOS with the Optin Form! If your Prospects decided that they didnt want to Optin, they could simply hit the close button on the window and would now be on the sales page you want them to be at, without ever opting in. This tool is soooo simple to use. I have a hint for you if you read this far….just keep “x-ing” out til they offer you a /7 day trial….then it’s just /mo or one time purchase price. ================================= Video Optin Profits | Increase Conversions | Build List | Convert …Get this month’s Video Opt-in Skin AND Professional Video for ONLY… 7. CLICK HERE To Get It For FREE. (For a LIMITED TIME) Does Your Opt In Box

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  1. …………

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    Be Blessed

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  5. wow john. i’m always surprised of your ideas.

    keep them coming and anted to tell you that i love your video’s

    Jack Seegers

  6. No, my computer is the one that is broken!

  7. You have an awesome tool you guys created Bob.

    I gotta figure out why my audio isn’t working…

  8. LOL! You crack me up man. Great Video!

    - Bob Beckett

  9. I thought my computer was broken LOL

  10. I couldn’t let all you guys take all the gravy!

  11. lol…. thats too funny John! Love how you just make it work….

    Arvell Lewis

  12. Interesting :-)

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