Master Web 2.0 Internet Marketing and Advertising Technique

Master Web 2.0 Internet Marketing and Advertising Technique is dedicated to helping you become a master of web 2.0 internet marketing techniques, web 2.0 advertising methods and web 2.0 marketing media and techniques.
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You can’t talk about Web 2.0 without talking about viral marketing. Viral marketing is the most powerful element of Web 2.0 marketing. Basically, viral marketing refers to the marketing of a product naturally by word-of- mouth on internet communities such as social media websites. But viral marketing is much more than word-of-mouth marketing. Viral marketing can spread much more quickly and reach way more people than word-of-mouth can. There are two stages to viral internet marketing. The first stage is content generation. This is the most difficult and time-consuming stage, as it should be. There’s one thing web users loathe…boredom. Mass media advertising has numbed us to most information online. Trust is earned only by proving that you have something important, informative, or funny to say. Once you’ve decided on your content, you’ll have to expose it. There are several methods to expose your content and generate initial interest. First, your content should be found on the most popular Web 2.0 sites—YouTube if applicable, Digg, Reddit, FaceBook, MySpace.
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