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Check out these web 2.0 marketing lead generation images:

Web 2.0 conference/San Francisco, Nov 2008 – 25
web 2.0 marketing lead generation

Image by Ed Yourdon
During the lunch break on the final day of the conference, I wandered out of the hotel and walked around the block. On the corner of Montgomery and Market Streets, this woman was reading the newspaper and minding her own business…

Note: this photo was published in a Mar 18, 2010 blog titled "Marketing Strategies for Lead Generation." It was also published in a Dec 17, 2010 blog titled "Online Media Up, Print Media Down, Community News Holds Steady." It was also published in a Feb 4, 2011 Desktopize blog, with the same caption and detailed notes that I wrote on this Flickr page.


These photos were taken during the Web 2.0 Summit conference in San Francisco in November 2008. The conference was held at the Palace Hotel/, near the intersection of Montgomery & Market Streets, by the Post Plaza subway stop. During the lunch break and an afternoon break, I wandered out of the hotel to get some fresh air, and took some pictures of various tourists, pedestrians, and citizens of the fair city of San Francisco…

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