Web-2.0 (virtual real estate) is-hot virtual real estate mar

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  1. Nice Vid. I enjoyed it. We market properties and other things on youtube, we hope to create a large network of people interested in making money. Your video gets a five star rating from us. I hope you feel the same about ours.

  2. Awesome video! You truly are a leader. The content you provide, are the same great techniques that have caused me to achieve massive success, all through free marketing. Keep up the good work, and look forward to future videos…

  3. You don’t need a 700 fico to get a mortgage. Where is this info coming from on all these videos. FHA will do below 580 fico still as long as you have no collections. Other than that, good vid.

  4. I just can’t see how traditional brick and mortar brokers can compete with sites like zillow, trulia and reozom. Especially considering a lot of homeowners just simply don’t have enough equity to cover the six percent commission traditional brokers charge.

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