Real Estate Marketing And Real Estate Seo

Real Estate Marketing and Real Estate SEO

Real estate marketing has become more of prevailing vocation as buying a house has become more of a major investment. However, whether you are buying or selling a house, you need a professional real estate marketing firm to handling the day to day nitty-gritty that are involved: from placing your home online to emailing hundreds of prospective buyers and sellers within your city or market.

With today’s market in disarray and house prices at an all time low, it is crucial that one hires a professional real estate company to handle both buying and selling of their home. One who does not only understand the process of selling a property, but also understands the myriad of loan choices and the variety of issues involved in the home mortgage process.

More importantly, particularly if you are selling a home, you need a real estate agent that is verse with the ever-changing issues involve with marketing real estate online. Why? According to a recent industry report the real estate industry spent more than billion on Web site design and maintenance, an expenditure that is anticipated to grow to more than billion in the next three years.

The web has revolutionized how Americans buy homes. The number of homebuyers using the Web has risen steadily, climbing to 84 percent of all buyers in 2007 (up from 80 percent in 2006), according to the National Association of Realtors (NAR); Supplemental studies in 2008 revealed that nearly 75 percent of Internet homebuyers drive by a home based on their Web visit. Nearly one out of every three homebuyers first learned online about the home they eventually purchased.

By now, it should be self-evident, that adequate real estate marketing can not be accomplished without a powerful online strategy, including tactics to increase website traffic via mobile handset and other electronic devices.

Here are some things to look for in a real estate SEO.

1. The individual most first and foremost have your interest at heart, willing to give an honest day work for an honest day pay.

2. Appoint a person who understands the importance of title, description and keywords to search engine optimization.

3. Choose a real estate marketing professional that understand the issues concerning domain name, domain age and domain IP address and the possible effect on website ranking.

4. Select someone that is an expert on link building or is equipped with information on article and press release submission.

5. Hire someone who understands the added value of blogs, knows the importance of RSS feeds and automatic pings to Trulia, Postlets, Yahoo real estate and other real estate online portals.

6. Opt for a professional who understand flash and video marketing.

7. Employ someone who has some knowledge of how database, particularly PHP, as that can be a plus in adding mls and other vital data to your site.

Pearl Real Estate Marketing company is located in Huntsville Alabama. We have been in business serving the needs of Realtors for five years. Contact us: 256-513-1801

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