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So you want to make big money on the Web with affiliate marketing? Wise choice. This is one of the best option which can gives you steady income stream. All you need to do is refer potential buyers to a specific product and you will get paid in commission when someone buys from you. Affiliate marketing is an ideal model for beginners. I have compiled a list below as a guideline to check your business campaign. It will help you to start off in the right direction.

Checklist as follows:

1. Choose a niche that has a market and big potential of making money on the web. Also check that there are affiliate programs to support it.

2. Join the bigger Affiliate programs. There are many networks out there like ClickBank, LinkShare, Commission Junction, and ShareASale. These networks will provide you with products that people may be looking for. You can make more money on the web with digital products but check that the refund rate is less than 20%.

3. Keywords selection — go for long-tailed keywords that are 3 or more words.

4. Domains — Choose your domains wisely. Acquire a keyword-rich domain name. Also invest in your personal domain name to build up your long-term branding and business.

5. Promote your product daily or weekly using available marketing directions. You may consider pay-per-click, articles writing, search engine optimization, and email marketing.

6. Promote your product via other social media that include Twitter and Facebook. Many people now use these channels to increase their make money potential.

7. Social bookmarks all published articles.

8. Build up your branding and be serious in the business. Invest in your own domains, web hosting account, and auto-responder. Work on projecting a professional image in what you deliver — be it videos, articles, blogs, and graphics.

9. Make sure you set both short and long-term goals. Plan your day, and work your plan. Take daily action to create web pages, writing articles, and building your email campaign.

10. Create Blogs and web pages using WordPress — it takes all the technical aspects out of building a website so that you can focus on the content and web creation process.

11. Join Warrior Forum as a member. There are much you can learn on this forum from other internet marketing professionals. It is a gold mine for learning, and learn how others make money on the web.

12. Develop a winning mindset as you can’t succeed without it. Remember the acronym “FACE”. Be focus, take action, be consistent, and invest in further affiliate marketing education.

If you work on the 12 points above, you will be a successful affiliate marketer, and make big money on the web! Get started today!

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