How come todays internet company dont have IPOs?

Question by Jaye: How come todays internet company dont have IPOs?
I remember back in 90s tech boom all the internet companys were going public on the stock market. How come the current web 2.0 companys like digg,facebook etc. arent doing the same?

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Answer by slimmie
Simply put, because they are not going public. They are being created privately, then being sold to massive public corporations, like Google and Yahoo, which dont offer IPO’s since they are already public.

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  1. As it stands right now they are working to create value in their companies for themselves and they are doing well and expanding. Once a private company does an IPO then they get that influx in immediate capital, but their success and expansion now goes to profit others depending on what percentage of their share base that they decided to hang onto for themselves. If they find that they want to make a move in the future to expand or absorb another company, then they may have an IPO in order to pull capital out of their equitable value on the stock market then they might.

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