Online Web Conferencing Makes Marketing Easier

The job description of marketing professionals keeps expanding. As companies face cutbacks, more and more duties fall under the banner of the marketing team. Some of the marketing team’s duties include:

Training sales reps
Media and analyst relations
Maintaining a professional and positive image to the public
Making advertising decisions
Assisting in product development by determining customers’ needs, desires and likes and dislikes

Online web conferencing can help with all of these objectives and more. Here are just a few ways online web conferencing can help marketing professionals.

Media and Analysts
Stay in close contact with media and analysts through webinars and virtual press conferences. File-sharing lets you distribute press releases and images during the meeting, while video capabilities permit long-distance product demos.

Product Development
Use surveys and polls to get immediate feedback from your target demographic on new products or products in development. Host focus groups with key demographics in geographically diverse regions.

Qualify leads for your sales team through free webinars that require simple pre-registration. Gauge the interest of your target market and find out what they hope to learn in the webinar with quick surveys distributed prior to the event. The InterCall team can help you formulate a marketing plan for the months leading up to your webinar so you’ll get the most out of the event in the least amount of time.

After the webinar, distribute qualified leads to your sales team, saving time and resulting in quicker closings.

Use remote training software and online web conferencing services to train the sales team on the features and benefits of newly-launched products—even if your sales team is scattered across the country. Online web conferencing provides an easy means to stay in touch with regional sales reps, answer questions and provide timely training so your team can hit the ground running.

How can web conferencing help you streamline your marketing activities?

InterCall, a subsidiary of West Corporation, is the largest service provider in the world specializing in conference communications. Founded in 1991, InterCall helps people and companies be more productive by providing advanced audio, event, Web and video conferencing solutions that are easy-to-use and save them time and money.

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