GVO Conference: The Latest Release in Web Conferencing and Video Conference Software!

GVO Conference is the latest kid on the block in video conferencing software. Let’s see what it has to offer to us:

GVO Conference Features:


1. 50 seater video conference room

2. Capacity of upto 7 active screens

3. Screen space for showing powerpoint presentations or video clips

4. Upgrades are possible in terms of capacity or if you want multiple video conference rooms

5. An amazing income opportunity where you can earn passive monthly income by referring this product to others.

GVO Conference Background:

When Joel Therien, founder of GVO, released his video conference software called “Hot Conference” in 2004, little did he know what would happen: 7 million downloads within a few months, running out of bandwidth, which eventually caused him to relocate from Canada to San Antonio, Texas, his becoming a multi-millionaire as a result and it just kept getting better from there.

Hot Conference was eventually tweaked and upgraded over the next 7 years and finally now in September 2010, it is out in its new avatar: GVO Conference.

GVO Conference has been already tested with upto 1000 members in attendance, and it holds its own, believe it or not.

What You Need For GVO Conference:

They have 24/7 support, and all one really needs in order to use GVO Conference is:

1. A Computer

2. Broadband connection

3. Webcam

4. Microphone.

GVO Conference: The Advantages

You could be situated in Hawaii or Singapore, Brussels or Bogota, and you could be on a beach sitting on a chair or lounging around at a poolside, or even in your office conference room, and you could be connecting with friends, colleagues, clients, relatives, or conducting your own online meetings.

Imagine the money saved in travel costs – if you use GVO Conference. It’s even environmentally friendly – simply because you save gasoline by not traveling to meeting venues.

Imagine how much time you would save, not to mention the jetlag you would incur due to international travel.

And you would have so much more time to spend with family, friends and loved ones, doing the things you enjoy doing.



Who can use GVO Conference?
Families with members in distant places
Frequent travelers
Businesses or companies who have foreign clients or clients in other parts of their country
Businesses with dealers in other places
Any type of teacher, coach or instructor who conducts sessions
People who organize seminars, conferences or meetings
People who organize webinars
Educational institutions can use this for tutoring or coaching weaker students
Facebook fans or groups who want to take their social interaction to a more dynamic level
And lots more!

There are plenty of markets available to you if you want to promote this product – and in fact, the same list as the different types of people above would be a good target audience to reach out to.

GVO Conference Income Plan:

GVO Conference depends on the personal referral system where you get paid a certain percentage for referring others.

Typically, here is the commission structure:

50% of first month subscription fees of direct referrals
10% of recurring monthly membership fees of all referrals – direct or indirect – upto 5 levels deep
20% matching bonus on any income your direct referrals earn
chance to earn of the bonus pool if you get amongst the top 10 affiliates each month – which constitutes 10% of the revenue earned by GVO Conference

This can be quite a handsome amount if you get started. The nice thing about GVO Conference is that it is so very cheap. GVO Conference starts at just .97, a fraction of what you would pay for a similarly featured product from a competitor.

It seems that the world of video conferencing software, online meetings and web conferencing has been taken to a whole new level with GVO Conference!

Somesh Thakur has been associated with GVO and GVO Conference for quite some time. He recently wrote and recorded the GVO Theme Song: Let’s Go GVO. He also maintains a very informative website about GVO Conference, which has a lot more valuable information if you are interested in finding out more about this amazing product.

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