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New York Sales & Marketing Jobs

Are you one of the thousands of out of work New York sales and marketing executives? Are you feeling depressed about your current financial situation? Are you spending way too much time hanging around the house bored out of your mind? Are you willing to try a different approach to find work and make money? Would you be willing to spend some time learning some new marketing techniques that would increase your changes of getting hired?

If you answered yes to any or all of these questions like I did then check this out.

I just spent 2 months as a member of WA. WA is an online marketing & learning community.

At WA you can learn about:

Mastering Google Adwords
Learn extensively about how to maximize your PPC for your budget.
Learn how to streamline your Google Adwords campaigns so that make you more money per PPC dollar spent. Article Marketing
This lucrative industry is where the money is. A step by step lesson on successful article writing. SEO Techniques & Training
If you have your own website, learn to double your website traffic fast. Spying on the Competition
Learn how to spy on your competition so you can take their business away. Visit the WA user forums
Read the success stories of thousands of internet marketers in the WA Forums. Ask a question in the WA Forums
and you will have some of the best marketing guru’s in the industry coming to your rescue. Many times these WA marketing guru’s will use your question or problem as a training session for other WA members. Free WA Personal Space for your own WA profile and free web hosting
for your websites. Learn to master making a lens with Squidoo. Learn how to properly research your subject
in a fast efficient manner. Learn the values of an Opt in Mailing List
and learn how to double your sales by using a Opt In Mailing List. Learn about website development
and how you need no skills to build your own website in minutes.

Other things you get:

University Level Instruction and Accreditation

Each course includes hours of step-by-step instruction, tips and strategies. From ground-zero information, to steps of getting started, to the most advanced aspects of the topic, WA Courses provides those who wish to become “experts”, our seal of approval.

WA Courses are for those who wish to be accredited by WA and have accredited status within the community. Your accreditation will be displayed throughout the community, including your WA Space, and Forum among other areas.

The most in-depth Article Marketing training course available on the net.
This 11 lesson course offers all training that an article marketer needs to know in order to be considered an “expert”. With over 30 hours of instruction and associated tasks, you will have a full blown article marketing campaign built by course end. We walk you through each step of the process.

I am living proof it works like nothing I have ever seen in my life.

A complete learning center that is constantly being improved upon.

Best of all you learn from home and on your own schedule.  

You will learn more in one week about internet marketing than you ever will anywhere else. It’s simple and easy to understand too.

Using one techinique I learned in their Google Adwords class I earn 5 commission on a one sale. The PPC that made the sale cost me eight cents. Believe or not I made that 5 on my very first Google Ad Campaign using a keyword technique I learned. I was just experimenting for a little for fun and hit pay dirt on my first ad.

The only big drawback to WA is the price. It costs a month to be a member.
I know that to some people, a month is a fortune, but look at it this way. It’s a small price to pay to learn how to possibly make a fortune.

I bought a yearly membership in my second month because it was cheaper, and I could obviously afford it with the profit I made on my first sale.
A month to month membership is available so you can cancel any time. You might find that a couple a months membership will be all you need or you might become a member for a year like me.  In 2 months I went from 0$ to $ $ $ $ .

I never in my life thought in a million years would that this chef would give up his 30 year career to become an internet marketer.

Thanks for reading my article and if you are interested in WA there in a link below for you. There is also cool video you can watch on WA home page that shows all the features that you will find inside. That video sold me and I become a member right after viewing it.  Perhaps you might too.

All my best to all who read this! You can see WAU HERE

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