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  1. Going back to these old videos always make me laugh you should do these again.

  2. Interesting Very Interesting. I will keep an eye on your profile

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  5. Why does India have to keep calling us?

  6. The Internet! :D LOL

  7. I hate buzzwords but I love Chris – in a non homosexual way.

  8. I just want to let you know that these folks are /still/ cold calling and trying to partner with my technologies.

    They’ve called me every single weekday for the past 1.5 weeks.

  9. I wish he would have ask him, if Web 2.0 is a concept, what did I buy at BestBuyz???

  10. hes mocking the stupid indian, retard

  11. no wonder they think Americans are stupid!

  12. Amazing video chris and I have to say given your online reputation I would not expect anything less at all

  13. Maybe the time you waste laughing at other peoples’ speech would be better spent working on your OWN speech. Your grammar poor and your punctuation is non-existent. From a person finding mirth in the speech of others, I would expect to find properly constructed sentences.

  14. The moral of YOUR story–your sad life story–is that you never acquired a proper basic education to be able to spell simple words correctly.

  15. Im intentionally using the name of the person who co chairs this tainted company as its CTO – Chief Technology Office.

  16. Photon Infotech is just a scam artist company with a bunch of 6 thieves on board. Their main aim to cheat people at every level.. Starting from business houses that needs an IT solution to the not so aware software developers plus freshman out of college in the name of employment.

  17. The morel of the story is don’t mess with chris pirillo mr tele marketer lmfao

  18. ho ho har hee ho you sure got that completely non-technical telemarketer good

  19. Why was it a bad call you moron? Because it was a telemarketing call? Because the marketing guy didn’t know about the technology that Chris was rabbiting on about? Just because you had a bad experience with them doesn’t make this a bad call.

  20. Prasad,

    Cool. We should admit that it was a bad call from Photon.

  21. Awesome. I could not stop myself laughing @ their speech. In fact I went 4 a interview @ Photon Infotech. I don’t understand y they don’t train the person on web 2.0 who is going to call 4 web 2.0 project. LOL even the sales manager dont know it. Chris thanks for ur time. You did not waste it at all. u made me understand how a sales guy should speak 2 customers on what he is going 2sell :) . Photon..lolz..one of the big companies. Even the techie has not properly said. He says he is not 2sure.:)

  22. wtf?

  23. This is a scam company. You can’t buy or upgrade to Web 2.0. It is a name given to the new generation of internet technology. Chris Pirillo was parodying the company by acting like Web 2.0 is a software.

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