The Experts Bench: For Superior Strategic Marketing Consulting Services

A firm offering high quality strategic marketing consulting services can be hard to find. With Duluth, GA based strategic marketing consultancy The Experts Bench, however, you can count on a package that is complete and integrated.

This highly reputable provider of strategic marketing consulting services has established itself as the industry innovator in bringing marketing staffing programs to leading corporations. Matching marketing strategy with interim marketing expertise, The Experts Bench is known for its unparalleled expertise in program management, research and analytics, brand management, marketing communications, promotions and events marketing, and web-based marketing.

Taking into account the differing needs of different clients, this highly-reputed provider of strategic marketing consulting services offers its clients several different packages:

Project-based consultancy: This option involves marketing experts with specific functional and industry expertise. Such projects are billed on an hourly and project basis.

Remote experts: This option involves the use of expert marketing consultants who would conduct some or all of their work offsite.

Expert specialists: This option involves the use of professionals within R&D, finance, packaging, and change management who specialise in supporting marketing programs. The billing for such projects is done on an hourly or project basis.

Best practices consulting: This package involves experts skilled in best practices auditing and is conducted by recognised experts in the field. It is billed as a deliverable.

Onsite managed programs: These are managed programs involving full responsibility for managing ongoing business requirements and can include management and staff. Such programs are conducted on a contractual basis.

All these packages are well thought-out and designed and contain a comprehensive blueprint for the evolution and regeneration of your marketing strategy.

The onset of the recession makes it crucial for businesses to review their marketing strategies and adapt them to suit these turbulent times. However, by focusing on execution without revisiting strategy, they risk making investments go backwards.

This is where a top-quality strategic marketing consulting firm like The Experts Bench comes in. As your business partner, The Experts Bench will help your company revisit and redefine your strategy to conform to the demands of a dynamic business environment.

For example, the experts working for this reputed strategic marketing consulting firm will help you review your marketing communication practices in light of exponential changes in online and social networking for B2B.

At The Experts Bench, our goals have remained consistent, but we are observing a more dynamic relationship between strategy, execution, and performance measurement across our social marketing efforts. To help you understand and navigate such an environment, you need a strategic marketing consulting firm that’s always two steps ahead. You need The Experts Bench.

For more information on a superior strategic marketing consulting firm, visit TheExpertsBench.

The Experts Bench is a strategic marketing consulting company, delivering marketing staffing solutions and business strategy consulting to leading corporations with marketing expertise. For more information, please visit

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