Web 2.0 Marketing Online

Web 2.0 Marketing Online is a totally new concept that some may still not completely understand. Web 2.0 allows users to collect, collaborate, and share information online. Businesses can take advantage of these new tools by using blogs, wikis and social networking sites.

The point of Web 2.0 marketing is not to sell the customer; it is intended to get them involved. This allows the customer to have a voice in letting the companies know what they are looking for and it also allows the company to get customer feedback and improvement ideas. The website can be set up allowing the company to talk to the consumer and let the consumers talk between themselves as well. This is a great way to get customer feedback, both negative and positive. It also gains online presence and trust. Great customer service is just as important is delivering a great product.

Consumers should be given a reason to participate. This can be accomplished by offering some type of incentive. This could simply be providing recognition for the person who posts the most blogs, or makes the most wiki posts. A company can even go a little further and offer cash incentives by setting up some type of contest.

The company must be willing and ready to not only talk to the consumer, but to listen to the consumer as well. Users should feel free to contribute to the conversation both openly and honestly and in their own words. A site that has a predetermined topic and tries to make the conversation stay on topic will eventually shut down. Individuals have a voice and they want it to be heard. When they feel like they are being controlled and directed, they will stray away.

Web 2.0 Marketing Online is not for every business. Marketers are trained to sell, sell, sell, and some cannot retrain themselves to be able to use Web 2.0 marketing effectively. The marketer must have an open mind and be willing to learn and utilize all of the exciting new tools that have been brought to light with the onset of Web 2.0.

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