I don’t know how to upgrade to myspace 2.0?

Question by Darbzzzzz:): I don’t know how to upgrade to myspace 2.0?
People have told me to go to ‘customize profile’ and i did but all it says is:

Browser Unsupported
To provide you the best, most reliable experience, this feature requires that you use a new, “compliant” web browser. Please take a few minutes to upgrade to a newer browser.

Mozilla Firefox- MySpace Recommended. Firefox has quickly taken off as one of the most popular, secure, feature-rich, and free browsers available. Its June launch (version 3.0) broke the Guinness World Record for the most downloaded program in history. Firefox is based on open source technology, developed by web enthusiasts like yourself. It’s quick to install and automatically informs you whenever updates are available.
:June 2008
Current Public Version:3
More Information: Wikipedia

Microsoft Internet ExplorerInternet Explorer – (or just “IE”) has been the dominant browser for nearly a decade, largely because it came pre-installed on every computer running Microsoft Windows. Fortunately, Microsoft has recently fixed many problems that made old IE versions vulnerable to malicious security threats and has added some “web standards” support. You need to upgrade to one of these newer, safer, IE versions.
:October 2006
Current Public Version:7
More Information:Wikipedia

Apple SafariApple- Safari is another smart browser choice for those who want speedy performance combined with Apple reliability and ease of use. Like Firefox, Apple Safari has a smart upgrade philosophy and is always delivering the latest in cutting edge browsing technology with that consistent Apple feel.
Major Version Release:June 2007
Current Public Version:3
More Information: Wikipedia
Google ChromeGoogle- Chrome is a brand new browser that just hit the market that provides a sleek smart tab browsing interface. If you demand intelligent control over the many web pages that you might have open at once with intelligent Google searching at your fingertips, Google Chrome is for you!
Major Version Release:September 2008
Current Public Version:1
More Information:Wikipedia

I just copied and pasted that.
But theres nothing that says myspace 2.0…..?


Best answer:

Answer by Bill M
1. click on Profile from your homepage or profile and choose Customize Profile (from the drop-down menu)

2. click on Go Back to Profile 1.0 (on the upper right corner)

3. choose whether you want to redesign your 2.0 Profile from scatch or Switch to Profile 1.0

4. confirm and presto, you’ll see your old Profile 1.0 page

P.S. Hey, if you change your mind, you can always follow the same steps and Upgrade to 2.0.

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  1. It would be somewhat obvious if you took the time to read what it actually says! Programs spit out error messages to tell you what is wrong… just read them!

    You need to use a different browser or a new version of your current browser. Don’t use century old dinosaur computers with Internet Explorer 4 or Netscape Navigator to access MySpace and expect it to work, actually don’t expect even a quarter of the web to work!

    If you get a new version of your browser and still get the same message then make sure you are allowing cookies and javascript to run on MySpace.com domains.

    Additionally, be CERTAIN you want to switch to 2.0 anyway (I find it worse) because you will be STUCK with it if you don’t switch back right away.

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