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I am asked quite often about automation tools that I use so I chose to put it in writing so I may make reference to this post when anyone asks. I’ll keep the post updated as I change, add or remove tools. And I’m going to be very honest about my viewpoints on the tools. I will list them alphabetically.

Amember – Amember is a membership management program for membership sites. Amember is one of the finest out there. It is a bit complex to get setup and working but once it is, it works very well. It can integrate with almost anything. It has got a built in an affiliate marketing programme but in every case where i have used it I have integrated it with iDevAffiliate. Just because I use one central affiliate center as much as practical.

Animoto – Animoto can take still photos and turn them into awesome and incredible videos. When i need to throw together a fast video and do not feel a bit like sitting down in front of last cut and revising a video this is where I go.

Article Video Robot – Like animoto, Article Video Robot creates videos for you. But Article Video Robot creates videos from your article content. It isn’t quite as simple as just pasting in your article but it is pretty easy. Expect to spend five to ten minutes creating a video for each article. But when you are done you have got your article in video format ready to be submitted to the video sites.

Aweber – Aweber is an email autoresponder service. Aweber is tied for my 1 choice together with getresponse. I have accounts both places and love them both. They each work a little differently but achieve the same goal in the end. If you’re looking for a good auto-responder I’ll definitely advocate Aweber.

Bookmark Generation – Bookmark Generation is a service that borders on the edge of being black hat. If you’ve ever heard about Howie Schwartz then you know he borders and crosses over into the black hat of marketing with some of his tools. That’s just a caution. Bookmark Generation is an automatic bookmarking tool where you supply the list of bookmarks and bookmark generation will bookmark them over a period of time so they appear to be they’re being submitted naturally. Very forceful tool for making back links.

Butterfly marketing Script – When you purchase butterfly marketing from mike filsaime he gives you a membership script called the butterfly promoting script. If you are familliar with the concepts that are taught in butterfly selling you understand how tough it is to manually do all of the jobs. The butterfly selling script makes it simple to manage. setup of the script isn’t incredibly simple and may be overly tough for a non experienced web person. It is an awesome script if you are web savvy. I’ve only one site using this script at current, i have been using quick Action Profits script more as it is simpler to setup and does essentially a similar thing. But if you can get this script it’s a good one.

acute auto-responder – This is another autoresponder program like Aweber and GetResponse. I would not endorse using this service over the other 2 as it is not as sophisticated. I only use this auto responder when i have an e-mail list that I can’t say I have double opt’d-in. I import and send an email to a capture page to get them to opt-in. Very rare I ever basically use this one.

FirePow – I have over 150 blogs out there and FirePow is what manages them all. If you are blogging then you want to have FirePow. It can install a new blog in seconds, keep the blog software and add-ons all updated. It can manage your posts, pages, etc . It can social bookmark your posts, it’s got a built in content creator called content blitz that will load up content automatically to be shown from a variety number| range} of sources. It has it’s own high PR blog network that allows you to push your blog and plenty of other promotional tools and features as well . I won’t do it justice here. You actually need to visit it and try it. There isn’t any way I could manage my huge network of blogs without it.

GetResponse – GetResponse is another auto responder service like Aweber. Both are tied for my 1. both are great and I couldn’t image doing without both. I use each for different parts of my business to help keep everything seperated. Hi can highly recommend GetResponse as an autoresponder service.

IDevAffiliate – iDevAffiliate is software that help me manage my affiliates. A number of the membership programs I use have inbuilt affiliate management systems already but where I am able to I try to use iDevAffiliate. Why you may ask would I pay for one when I can get them for free in the other software. Well, lots of reasons but here are merely a couple. One ) iDevAffiliate has awesome tools for both me and my affiliates. My affiliates can install a small customer that keeps them up to date on thier sales. In a launch they can get play by play data. It has inbuilt graphics, payment tracking, multiple levels, and so on. 2 ) I love to centralize my affiliate program if possible so that an affiliate can sell any of the products without needing to create multiple associate accounts.

quick Action Profits – quick Action Profits is a membership script that the best I’m able to compare it with is the butterfly marketing script. It is a complete membership management script which has a built in affiliate program, multiple membership levels, special access for JV partners and so much more. Amazing script. It is complex, or maybe I should say complicated not complicated. It is less complicated to setup than the butterfly selling script as well . Either this script of the butterfly marketing script will serve you well.

SENuke – This tool is at the center of my Web 2.0 marketing. SeENuke will create accounts on a substantial number of web 2.0 sites, store the password information, and so on. After you create accounts you put your article in and spin it so that SENuke can generate a completely unique copy every time it has to. It’ll then go login to web 2.0 sites like hubpages, google knol, for example. And post a new new article into every one. After you finish posting to the web 2.0 sites ( which takes a minute or two ) you then post to the social bookmarking sites all immediately and then to the RSS directories. If you’ve got a video it can post to a number of video sites also. It turns a weeks worth of work in front of the computer into roughly an hour.

This is a tool that if I didn’t have, I might potentially not still be selling. It is worthwhile’s weight in gold. There’s another similar product out there that comes from australia, I’m not going to mention it by name but stay away from it. I gave it a try for 2 months and it didn’t work fine, is complex to use and does only a little part of what SENuke does. Can you tell i truly like this product?

Traffic Geyser – Traffic Geyser is a video submission service that submits your video to many video sites with just 2 minutes of typing in of info. There is a similar site called tubemogul. But there’s really no comarison. TubeMogul is free but does not do anything close to what Traffic Geyser does. I met mike latterly at a conference and he was talking about some of what’s coming in Traffic Geyser and it is absolutely incredible. It’s no secret that video is what’s working in online marketing now and Traffic Geyser is what can make it work for you. If you go to the Traffic Geyser site there are some free videos you can watch to see what it can do for you.

TweetSpinner – TweetSpinner is another one of the twitter automation sites. There are a large amount of free sites out there too. TweetSpinner is a paid memership but has some truly cool features. I’ve got a new product coming out soon that discusses using twitter and at the center is TweetSpinner as the tool to help rule the twittershpere.

Unique A|rticle wizard| – if you are an article marketer and have never heard about Unique Article wizard you owe it to yourself to look at it. UAW is a service that respins your article before it posts it to each new article catalog. But it’s not your everyday spinner that turns out something that is unreadable. It works completely differently because a human has to respin each paragraph two times. It then takes the different adaptations of paragraphs and makes new articles out of each one. It can submit to thousands of article sites and will only submit to ones that fit your criteria so you aren’t post spam to article directory sites where your article doesn’t fit. This eliminates the duplicate content penalty.

Wishlist Member – Wishlist Member is another membership management system. Wishlist Member work completely inside wordpress. Yes RAP that we discussed above can add members to wordpress but wordpress doesn’t have a pleasant membership level control. Wishlist Member adds some awe-inspiring membership level controls including automated advancement of levels based upon time. This is what I use for my Micro-Continuity Sites. When you sign up for micro-continuity you are entered in at week 1 and every week you obtain access to the subsequent week. Wishlist member handles all this completly hands off from me. It also integrates with amember and clickbank, paypal, 2checkout and more.

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