How To Save Time Using Article Marketing Automation

Article marketing automation may be an idea whose time has finally come. It takes all the grunt work out of marketing your articles yourself, saving you valuable time – time that could be spent attending to the other aspects of your business, or even your life, such as friends and family. But how does article marketing work? How could something that requires human thought be automated?

Well, it’s automated from the end-user’s point of view. Article marketing automation simply means that someone else does all the heavy lifting for you, so to speak – the content creation and article submission and distribution. More and more companies are starting to offer this kind of a service now, comprehensive in its scope and turn-key simple in its vision.

The most sophisticated kinds, like Article Content Engine or ACE (, writes the articles, then submits and distributes them for you. There is nothing for you to do except specify the keywords to be won and the domains to promoted. It saves a lot of time and money – for less than the price of an article submission service alone, you get articles that are written specifically to target your keywords and promote your business, as well as the automated submission that ensures you never see a rejection e-mail telling you to resubmit your article after editing it.

That kind of automation is fire-and-forget article marketing. It’s become increasingly popular as people find that creating compelling content isn’t so simple after the umpteenth article on the same subject for the past several years! With automated article marketing, the kind that takes care of things from start to finish, fully insulating you from some ninety-five percent of the entire process, you also get a fresh outlook on things, on your business, your product or service, whatever it is you’re selling. Having someone else write your articles will necessarily bring a whole new perspective that can be enlivening for your readers. Moreover, the different writing style would be noteworthy to search engines like Google, which are always on the lookout for fresh content to index.

But how does it work? As implied previously, it’s only automated from your point of view. In the case of ACE, a staff of writers take up your keywords and write articles on your behalf. These are written especially for the web, which means two things – they are written in such a way as to capture human interest, for people read in a different manner online than they do off, being much less patient and given to quick scanning and skimming; and these articles are written so as to appear relevant to Google, relevant to Google for the keywords being targeted.

After that, your articles are automatically sent over the worldwide web, distributed throughout a network of websites that will provide quality backlinks to your own site, thus over time promoting your business – with hardly any time or effort on your part.

Article by Paul Wise. When it comes to article marketing automation, Paul recommends for tips on how to begin article marketing.

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