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Some cool web 2.0 marketing analytics images:

Google Analytics: SML Pro Blog Traffic Sources: Twitter vs Facebook vs FriendFeed vs Google SEO / 2009-11-01 / SML Data
web 2.0 marketing analytics

Image by See-ming Lee 李思明 SML
This is a visualization of traffic sources over a one-month period for SML Pro Blog on Google Analytics, highlighting in particular performance on social networks from Twitter (red), Facebook (blue) and Friendfeed (teal), with Google (SEO) traffic added for comparison.

Important to note also is the network connectivity associated with those profiles:
SML Facebook: 630 friends.
SML Friendfeed: 279 subscriptions
SML Twitter: 767 followers

I think that FriendFeed is a clear winner here. It even outperforms Google.

Miguel Lloret, Enrique Dans, Ramón Rautenstrauch y Albert Barra
web 2.0 marketing analytics

Image by netconsultingmarketing
City Marketing Elche 2010: Miguel Lloret (NetConsulting), Enrique Dans, Ramón Rautenstrauch (NetConsulting Valencia) y Albert Barra.

NetConsulting visita City Marketing y organiza un taller de "La aplicación del marketing 2.0 en la gestión de destinos turísticos: Community Management".

Sobre nosotros: NetConsulting tiene como misión convertirse en el departamento de Tecnologías de la Información y la Comunicación de nuestros clientes, dándoles un asesoramiento global y continuo con una política de eficiencia, eficacia, calidad, objetividad y rentabilidad.

NetConsulting pone a su diposición un equipo de trabajo altamente cualificado y especializado en las áreas de Marketing en Internet, Desarrollo de Proyectos Web, Sistemas y Legalidad TIC.

NetConsulting Valencia está especializado en Marketing en Internet (Posicionamiento web | SEO, Publicidad en buscadores | Adwords, Analítica web con Google Analytics, Marketing en redes sociales, Facebook, Blogs y Twitter, Gabinete de Prensa Online, Gestión de Reputación Online, Campañas de marketing viral, Vídeos para Internet y móviles, Anuncios gráficos para Internet).

Donkey Kong: Human Donkey Kong Game (The 1980′s Video Game)
web 2.0 marketing analytics

Image by storyspinn
Yes, believe it or not someone re-created the 1980′s video game Donkey Kong, Live Action style. Apparently this was done on Jackass.

This image is used on Search Marketing Gurus

Check out the SMG Post: "Web Analytics 2.0, Clean Scores, Monkeys Automating SEO, Human Donkey Kong and Much More!" to see what it’s used for.

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  1. Flickr and gayblog also seem to be performing well, no? Are you cross-referring from sites that you own? That can cause confusion and mess with your data analysis. That said… those ARE pretty good numbers from friendfeed.

  2. RyanMacLean

    Haha… plucking my data!

    Flickr gets me many referrals mainly because most of my stuff on Flickr links back to the blog. Most of the referrals had to do with 1500+ photos shot on Gay Pride 2007 pointing to a single post though so that probably should not be placed into the picture.

    I exclude stuff coming from my own domain as I am mainly concerned with social media referral traffic (but yes I do list recent posts from each of these to each other: + +

    I have to give this a deeper analysis, but off the top of my head, the fact that you can direct your posts to a more targeted audience on Friendfeed (e.g. via rooms) vs Facebook + Twitter’s one place fit all might contribute to the discrepancies?

    While I have been on all networks pretty much for the same amount of time, I really started posting things and commenting things on Friendfeed about a month ago (where you see data)

    Most of the traffic coming from Google are for keywords ‘gay’ and ‘guitar hero porn’ (which really screw up my numbers there) – those were posted before I created the gay blog + the photo blog so I can analyze the results better.

    Next I will do some analysis to compare length of stay etc. but I don’t really have enough traffic volume on my very random blog to do real analysis really I don’t think. :)

  3. Yeah flickr does pack an SEO punch these days, so I stopped tagging. To each their own, I suppose, but the incongruous searches merely seemed to result in hit’n'runs as opposed to repeat visits (what I would strive for).
    Not that I know what I’m talking about. Hit’n'run may be your thing!

  4. RyanMacLean

    Which is why avg time meant something for me. My blog posts have no particular focus so I don’t mind hit-n-run. Google Analytics has not been very good in analysing repeat visitors (or that I’m not very good at using it to analyze them). To be honest my stuff is so random that it’s hard to have a focus to get repeat visits really.

    Which is precisely why I think that I should setup separate feeds for each label. That might be a better way to direct repeat visitor traffic – I used to create a top level URL to direct label-specific traffic. I stopped doing it a year ago after Yahoo totally f**ked me up over their domain pricing. Currently working on a portal to redirect traffic. hopefully when I have time!

  5. LOL @ Yahoo! domain pricing… yeah if they are charging you for subdomains, there’s a problem.
    As for Analytics, it’s OK, though I did find the goal tracking to work out alright. My real problem is the script itself, which would slow down pageloads. But I digress.
    Regarding the repeats, I think you’re on the right track, regardless of content. FF seems to be a good medium for "personalities" and I can imagine it generating traffic easily.
    As for direct hit repeat visitors, that’s content ;)

  6. RyanMacLean

    1. Yahoo domain pricing.

    Essentially I bought 200 domains from yahoo in 2007, then they globally up their prices in 2008 from 9.95 to 34.95 without notifying my primary email address (instead sending to yahoo mail which is my alternative email addresses) robbing me upwards of $5000 on my credit card, then it won’t let me cancel accounts because their UI can only cancel one at a time, then they lock my domains because their system is down… just bad and weird experience. See
    See… + for more

    My blog is a bunch of random stuff. If you are at all interested, see SML Pro Blog: Synergy, an unfocused approach to learning about one-self but alas my random musing is very random. :)

    Seen on your photo stream. (?)

  7. Hi! Good picture. May I put it on my blog

  8. why have these people bean given some sort of award

  9. Hi, I’m an admin for a group called We love Mario! (NEW CONTEST!!!), and we’d love to have this added to the group!

  10. thank you posting

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