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When a website is intended to sell something, it is vital for the site to receive a good number of visitors. Generally, low traffic equals low profits. To be able to attract enough visitors, of course you need to popularize your site. However, without keeping track of the effectiveness of the methods or systems that you put into use to promote your website, it will only waste your time, money and energy. This is where web analytical tools come into play.

Quite simply, website stat programs or log analyzers can help you monitor and analyze the behavioral patterns of the people who come to your site, including what they do on your site. Once you know from where most of the visitors come to your site you can focus your marketing efforts primarily on that particular market segment. For instance, if most of the visitors come from certain article directories, you can submit more articles to the directories.

Such programs can also help you decide whether you should continue using an advertising service or not. If that service has never given a good contribution to your site until after a given period of time, then you may discontinue using it. Nothing is worse than paying for something that does not work to the specified target.

Although different programs may provide different features, yet the information presented is generally not much different. The most common pieces of information are on unique visitors, site references and referrals, entry pages, exit links, visit lengths, browsers, and countries/ISP. By using this information you can find out things like how many times a certain web page has been visited within a certain periode of time or what are the most popular pages on your site.

Keep in mind that even though your hosting service has already provided you with web analytical reporting tools like WebAlizer or AWStats, it is wise to also use another web analytical tool like StatCounter or Google Analytics. If not, you may missinterpret some details like the total number of visitors per day. Usually the number is much higher when viewed with WebAlizer or AWStats.

Clearly, website stats are necessary to make better decisions regarding your online business. By using reliable log analyzers you can improve the performance of your site as well as the effectiveness of your marketing campaign.

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