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Web site traffic analytics tools are a fantastic free service for people who want to remain up to date about their sites and finely tuned into their visitors statistics.

An effective statistics program will show you essential information about your site visitors and would also let you track their origin.

Web site analysis will furthermore enable you to monitor the development of your site and to put together or modify a strategic plan based on the information you obtain from the analysis.

In this article, I will assess the most popular ones amongst bloggers.

Google Analytics

Google is clearly the most dominant. It provides unique information into your web site visitors and also on its traffic generation performance. Highly effective and user friendly, it allows you to easily check out and assess your page views.

I personally like to use the “view traffic source” function. It gives a comprehensive table breakdown in numbers and percentages of your top 5 traffic sources. This in turn will enable you to concentrate your efforts on the best traffic generating methods.

Alexa Traffic Rankings

This will reveal to you the popularity of this site compared to yours. This incorporates Page views, Reach and more. Search Analytics will let you know what keywords your competitors are using to obtain traffic.

The Audience data will disclose to you what type of visitors your competitors are targeting. The Clikstream data will highlight where your competitors are obtaining their site visitors from.

Yahoo! Web Analytics

This analytics software is extremely easy to customize and is intended to assist web sites owners to maximize their revenue and site visitors and get a better understanding of their on-line potential customers.

It makes it possible for you to identify the specific actions taken by a site visitor. This is referred to as the “conversion action”. It could be events such as:

Someone viewing a particular web page on your site
Signing-up to a newsletter
Filling in a form
Downloading a file, etc.

Yahoo keeps a comprehensive record of each visitor to your site in its database and uses this information to generate real-time reports.

You can easily define conversion actions by modifying the tracking code on important web pages or including Javascript to your HTML hyperlinks.


This is yet another popular website traffic analytics tool. It gives in-depth detailed reports of your site visitors, informs you of the keywords and key phrases they use, the language they talk, etc.

Its user-friendly dashboard is easy to navigate and makes it particularly suitable for beginners.

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