Google Web Analytics Tool Features

This a free web analytics tool from google to get the detailed information about the visitors to a website. Even though it is most widely used by online marketers to track the visitor statistics. This is one such tool which has features that tracks the clicks on each and every element that is related to a website.

Some may ask why not to use the tools from the hosting provider, but none of them can match the features of google analytics. Visitor tracking is done right from display advertising, PPC networks, email marketing links that are even in a PDF document.

GA tool also gives a detailed report on the usage of the website, like the page views, unique views, time spent by the user on a page, the bounce rate can be known. Using this, the ecommerce revenue can be calculated with the conversion rates. At the same time, know where the visitors came from and the keywords that yearned more money. Based on this statistics, online marketers can easily bid in PPC campaigns.

Even the internal search patterns can be tracked down to increase the conversion rates. Another feature that is now available with this is benchmarking by setting some industry specific metrics to look into the performance of the websites. The iphone apps, flash, Ajax application and web resources using web 2.0 technologies can be tracked using the google analytics tool. Any tool is no good if doesn’t have any features for iphones, as more and more use iphones to access internet. So even mobile apps tracking can be done using the features of google analytics.

Now google analytics tool has an intelligent engine to set default alerts that displays the visitor tracking statistics graphically. These reports can be customized as required to achieve the online marketing goals easily.

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