Web 2.0 … The Machine is Us/ing Us

Final version now available! youtube.com mediatedcultures.net Web 2.0 in just under 5 minutes. This is the 2nd draft, and I plan on doing one more final draft. Please leave comments on what could be changed or improved, or what needs to be excluded or included. Subscribe if you want to be notified when the revision is released. UPDATE I just added this video to Mojiti where you can actually write your comments into the video itself. It is an exciting experiment in “Video 2.0″. Go check it out at mojiti.com and add your voice! Transcripts are now available as well: mediatedcultures.net A couple of people have noted that the statement, “XML was created to do just that” (separate form from content) is misleading because CSS enables the same effect with HTML. I tried to integrate CSS into the video, but it ruined the flow. Perhaps in the next draft. My statement on XML is based on the following from xml.com: “In order to appreciate XML, it is important to understand why it was created. XML was created so that richly structured documents could be used over the web. The only viable alternatives, HTML and SGML, are not practical for this purpose. HTML, as we’ve already discussed, comes bound with a set of semantics and does not provide arbitrary structure.” Thank you all for the comments. With your help the next draft will be cleaned up and hopefully free of factual errors. A higher quality version is available for download here: www.mediafire.com Please note that this is the
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  1. @Baxxter101 I watched it, and I agree.

  2. @TheCrunchifiedOne I say that too :)

  3. Z. O. M. G

  4. Great video !

  5. Very True… That’s how Google is evolving so quickly.
    By using all the data they are getting FREE of cost from those people who are happily placing the Google Analytics Code in their Websites…! YouTube, Google Search, Blogs, RSS, Twitter, and everything the video said :)

  6. Great distraction and great vide0!! thank u webmovietube

  7. holy shit. this feeling right now…this is how i’d imagine what it feels like to find out the meaning of life

  8. i wonder how anyone can dislike this….i saw this today in my computer programming class, i found it super interesting XD

  9. Web 2.0 netwire.me!

  10. njoyed this great movie in webmovietube

  11. start a REVOLUTION with #ALittleChange – watch?v=MaiKSmsxIjE

  12. voila, its like magic

  13. if you enjoyed this, I highly recommended watching his presentation at the library of congress “An anthropological introduction to YouTube”… Its long, but really really well done.

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