Web 2.0

What’s the future of the internet? Blogging, MySpace,Wikipedia, we, the internet users, are taking over.

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  1. I agree. This nonsense has just become a new form of propaganda.

  2. “Web 2.0″ is just another marketing buzzword used to describe the advance in web based sites/software. Tim Berners Lee himself says this and I’m inclined to agree with him. The internet doesn’t need more jargon to confuse people! Stop the nonsense and lets move away from this notion of everything needing a buzzword or acronym.
    Sorry for the rant but just found out it’s been accepted as a word in the US dictionary?!? WTF 3.0

  3. NO WEB 2.0

  4. pograming languages is what makes web pages interactive illustrated or what ever they are today,web 2 is a technology that corporations and profit want to market and is full manipulation of the net.the freedom in the net exists so why to look elsewhere?take some time and think or even beter learn what web 2 is about.The corporations found a better way to market web 2 than the first atempt that was to stop anonymity and file sharing or the possibility that every one of us can post a page.

  5. Fantastic video. Web2.0 techniques and strategies have enabled me to develop a sustainable and profitable online business. I now teach others to do the same.

  6. This video totally sux and is a very poor depiction of Web 2.0 concepts, components and technologies.

  7. Brainwashing at the speed of light.

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  9. My friend died last year from chain letters repost this or she will come and kill you every thime u here a ring in your ear she will make your life shorter and shorter repost this to 10 other videos.&quot ;

  10. NO WEB 2.0

  11. £this is gay

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