Magnetic Sponsoring: Using Web 2.0 Marketing to Put These Tools Into Action

You have read Magnetic Sponsoring by Mike Dillard and your mind is spinning but where do you start? . Web 2.0 Marketing may be the fastest, easiest, and cheapest way to begin putting those thoughts into action and start creating people who are attracted to you and what you have to offer. For those of you who do not like to call leads, use the three foot rule, or your warm market– pay attention.

Although people have been using Web 2.0 Marketing for years now many people still do not know what it is. Web 2.0 marketing is a community of people who get together and the use of blogs, forums, articles, etc. to discuss a common theme. Your excitement may be growing as you begin to realize that you have already used these tools in the form of MySpace, YouTube, and personal blogs. Now is the time to turn things that you have previously used for fun into places that not only generate income but leads for your home business.

If you do not have any experience in the above you may want to start with blogging. Blogging is a fast and simple way to get your thoughts out to the mass public. Not only will you be able to work on your writing style to see what will and won’t work and to practice your writing skills but you will be able to get started with little, if any, investment.

It may seem complicated, especially if you are new to the Web 2.0 Marketing scene, but the worst thing that you can do after reading Magnetic Sponsoring is to do nothing. For each day that goes by you will slowly lose your enthusiasm for the groundbreaking ideas that are shared until a month from now Magnetic Sponsoring will be a distant memory.

So, while you are waiting for your Traffic Formula course to come in, use Web 2.0 Networking to get started. Facebook, Squidoo, forums- the possibilities are endless. Establish yourself as a leader in this huge and ever changing industry. Do this by being knowledgeable, creative, and helpful and the rest will just flow to you.

After using Web 2.0 Marketing strategies to increase your readership and traffic to your site you can then use the tools described in Magnetic Sponsoring to generate more leads than you can handle. You no longer have to think there must be a better way- here it is.

Jennifer Patton is a successful career woman/entreprenuer. Her current focus is in network marketing and helping others to succeed by shortening thier learning curve. To get more information on Magnetic Sponsoring go to

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